You Can Do It!

Do you find that the goals you set yourself start to seem unachievable somewhere along the way? Do you find that it all gets to be overwhelming? Or do you get distracted or lose your way? Would you believe the same thing used to happen to me as well?  How do you suppose I churned out an international bestseller and became a successful entrepreneur? Well, I learned to trust myself and my journey. It wasn’t easy but I did it – here’s how.

Why you need to build your self esteem.

Self-belief is a vital cog in the wheel of your success. The world may tell you that you cannot do it. You may even doubt yourself, but you need to start trusting that you can do it. There was a time when I would find myself unable to stay the course and reach the goals I set for myself. I would be distracted and sidetracked. I always had a lot of good ideas and I would find myself segueing into something else and meander along a different path.

This was before I started to believe in myself and in a greater guiding power. This is a power higher than me, which I know will guide and actualize the dreams I have for me – because I believe in myself! Having faith in yourself, your ideas, and having the faith that there is a greater power out there making sure you reach your goals is what is going to help you stay the course! Your ambition could be anything – an award, a particular job, successful career or career progression, just a beautiful garden, anything!

The tools you need to create your own success.

Over time I have developed effective and practical tools that help me achieve the goals that I set out to. For instance, there was a time when writing and publishing a successful bestselling book seemed impossible. But I told myself I could do it, and positive self-affirmations helped me develop the self-belief that I needed to actually do this. Affirmations can take different forms. It could be a mantra, something you repeat to yourself in the mirror, or something you record and play back to yourself in the car.

Another way that I develop that sense of self is to dress the part. It may sound silly and superficial, but looking and feeling good about yourself is a big part of self-confidence and building your sense of self.

In this short episode, I explain how you can learn to trust yourself with these and other practical tools. Join me to learn the step-by-step process for trusting yourself and your journey. 

Watch now.

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