Can I Lose My Soul?

What is a soul? Well, it’s the spiritual or immaterial part of a human that is immortal. It’s the intangible part of you that is the home of your personality, will, intellect, and emotions that survive even when the body dies. 

Your soul is with you throughout your life, and then when you have taken your last physical breath you carry on into the next journey. Wherever your afterlife may be. Your soul is the essence of all that you uniquely are. The real question though is can we lose our souls, lose the ever-important element that makes up the important pieces of our spirituality and being? 

First, let’s start with the fact that losing your soul is an entirely different concept to that of giving or forfeiting your soul away. When you trade or make a deal that is you making a conscious decision to suffer a disconnect from your life spark. So losing your soul is usually more of an involuntary disconnection caused by experiences such as negativity, pain, and trauma. It is never actually gone, it’s pushed away and hidden deep, but always there. It can also always be retrieved. Soul loss is not a literal ideal, it's more a way to explain a dissociation of your purpose, your true self, and the divine energy that resides in each of us. 

Trauma, pain, and negativity. Those are some of the biggest ways that can cause you to have this dissociation. Whether it’s from your childhood or as an adult, trauma can cause you to push away emotions, spiritual growth, and even parts of your own personality to be able to cope with the pain of it. Instead of healing this causes you to disconnect with your soul, and you lose sight of who you are. The same with allowing rampant negativity in your life. The more the negativity affects your sense of self, confidence, and emotions the more you dissociate in your life leaving you strangling your connection to your true self.

Leaving behind a shadow of who you could be, who you are meant to be. Pain (emotional, mental, or physical) can cause you to seek quick fixes; whether it’s an addiction or activities that give you small bursts of fake happiness,  rather than relying upon the strength and character of your soul to move through life with contentment. A few ways that you can start to heal your disconnection are to begin to practice meditation and mindfulness, find and connect to your spirit guides, ground yourself, and take the time to be one with yourself. 

The experience of depression, self-neglect, trauma, and negativity are all signs of soul loss, and if any of them are familiar to you then it might just be the time to start your spiritual journey. Take the steps to build the connection back to the divine spark within you. Listen to your emotions, learn your true self, and realize that you can be whole. You can be complete. 

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