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In our quest... for greater understanding, healing

& accessing unconditional love,

we eventually all come to ask the same questions...

Who am I?

What is the
Meaning of Life?

What Makes Me
Come Alive?

Am I Living
My Soul’s Calling?

Like you, I wear many hats in my life: I am an author, speaker, coach, entrepreneur, mentor & mother. 

Many people call me the “Soul Curator”, because of my work helping people tap into their soul’s deepest calling; a calling they, & perhaps you, have tried unsuccessfully to ignore for years, sometimes even decades.

You know what they say about your calling, if you ignore it, it will just keep calling!

I have dedicated my life to helping people like you discover, access & live into your soul’s calling; to connect to your Soul Manifesto, & to experience abundance, contentment & joy, while on the journey.

Let’s get started by getting an idea of what your Soul Manifesto may be! 





Two Time International Best Selling Author of 

Hello, Soul! & You Can’t Escape From A Prison If You Don’t Know You’re In One. 


Alena will help you with these expert guided resources available for every stage of your self-discovery journey:

Are you so ready to see better results in your life? 

  • Possess a deeper knowledge of what you really want

  • Gain insight for spotting problematic choices before you take the next step

  • Break free from negative thought patterns that lead to less than you deserve


Soul Talk is a monthly sharing community and mastermind for seekers desiring to be part of a community committed to activating possibility and creativity in life; delving deeper into the spiritual dimensions that are all too often ignored in our fast-paced modern world.

Rediscover the MAGIC of life, lost so many years ago!



 Move beyond the ‘busy-ness’, the negativity, & the toxic relationships, & start your journey towards creating positive, life-altering change with the help of Alena Chapman, Elizabeth Gilbert, Candice Harper, Chad Lefevre, David MacElwain, Cornell Thomas & Tara Lefevre!



Sign up now for this exclusive mastermind starting in October 2022

Are you at a point in your career or with your business where you are ready to connect with other entrepreneurs who have the same questions as you? Or who may be able to provide answers to your questions?

Do you feel a lack of focus about where your business should go?  

It is time you had the opportunity to really relax and open your mind to the possibilities of what your business could be.


13 week course plus a private session with Alena


Living with Soul to Gain Purpose is about learning to connect to & live connected to Soul. Every step helps you to tap into your inner voice/your internal feminine divine in a way that is always open for you. 

With this connection you become the ebb & flow of life so that you feel whole & in sync with your true self on every level. 



8 week course


The purpose of this program is to heal.

What is healing?

Just like all of life, healing is a journey of growth, insight & discovery. Everyone heals in their own time & space. However, there are beautiful elements in our present time to help us. Alena is one of those elements.

She will guide you through sharing with others who care about & love you, nature & guidance, & the discovery of how much you are loved. 

All of these contribute to building the understanding that helps you move through this journey whole & complete.



3 month course


How is it that some people achieve their goals with so much ease than others? What do they know that we should understand? Now it is your turn to learn the secret. Now is your turn to manifest magically.

Alena shares ancient understandings and helps you to see exactly where you may be sabotaging yourself. It is time for you to live your dreams!


4 month course


Just imagine knowing you do not have a care in the world. That you are completely guided. Imagine feeling so connected that you begin to see the world as spirit sees the world. You become infallible because you know and trust in the universe and are protected and knowing. 

Gone is the anxiety, guilt, shame and doubt. Now you walk in confidence, deep understanding, and totally connected to the force inside you – The Divine Feminine.

 Meets in a group setting once a week for 4 months. 


2 meetings with Alena to get ready and the Soul Retrieval Ceremony 


Sometimes trauma or living constantly in an environment that is not good for us causes the parts of the soul to leave. When this happens, we do not feel complete. We may have problems moving forward in life, having success in relationships, living in a way that makes us happy and fulfilled.  It simply feels like something isn’t complete. 

The Shaman belief is that parts of the soul can leave however we can invite them back. It is a ceremony where Alena can find the part of the soul and bring it back to unity with the soul. Alena will only do this when you create the environment inside you and outside you is conducive for all parts of the soul to stay.  

A soul retrieval is also included in the Spiritual Journey of Healing. 


Study one-on-one with Alena

Studying with Alena is not for the faint of heart or for those who enjoy the drama of the mundane reality. However, if you are a person who has awakened. You are curious and want to know and understand the unseen, ready to open their minds, souls and meditation to worlds beyond, and learn how incredibly powerful you are. 

If your answer is YES to all this…. You may be ready to study with Alena one-on-one.



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