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Personal boundaries define what we feel about ourselves. They shape our lives in a massive way. The careers we choose, the relationships we have, how much money we allow ourselves to have…. The list goes on and on.

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In our quest... for greater understanding, healing

& accessing unconditional love,

we eventually all come to ask the same questions...

Who am I?

What is the
Meaning of Life?

What Makes Me
Come Alive?

Am I Living
My Soul’s Calling?

This is why Alena provides guidance at every stage of your self-discovery journey:

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  • Possess a deeper knowledge of what you really want

  • Gain insight for spotting problematic choices before you take the next step

  • Break free from negative thought patterns that lead to less than you deserve

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Chats with Alena is a monthly sharing community and mastermind for seekers desiring to be part of a community committed to activating possibility and creativity in life; delving deeper into the spiritual dimensions that are all too often ignored in our fast-paced modern world.


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2-Time International Best Selling Author, Speaker, & Spiritual Mentor

Known for her joyful nature and vivacious personality, Alena Chapman is all about Soul Wisdom and growth. Alena’s quest is to help people experience true universal abundance, while on their own spiritual journey. She has been a guest on ABC, CBS, PBS, iHeartRadio, Law of Attraction Radio, she has spoken at many conferences and events, including sharing the stage with legends such as Les Brown, Bob Proctor, and Elizabeth Gilbert. Her latest book, Hello Soul!, Everyday Ways to Begin Awakening Your Spirituality and Live by Your Soul, shares Alena's journey to reconnect to her soul, awaken her chakra system, forgive herself, and accept the so-called “bad" and good traits. She is the former host of podcast/fm/am Magical Moments and the host of her new upcoming podcast, Mystical Muse.


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Thoughtful Comments


"Alena is a great friend, healer, and mentor. She has helped me several times with spiritual trials as well as self-development.

I am not green on the Path of the Mystic, but I still needed help finding my way with certain issues. She was able to cut through webs and get right to the issue and address it without a lot of showmanship. It actually blew my mind how simple it was to heal many of my issues, I was stuck in old school ways of thought that healing deep issues had to be long and drawn out. She didn't just do it for me either, she basically lead me through ways of journaling and communication with my higher self and guides, so I was empowered enough to make the changes. She also did a lot of work in the astral realm to communicate and open or close spaces for my healing. 

The most recent time she has helped me I was in deep trouble. I was spiritually depleted and had lost my way and was totally slacking on most of my spiritual hygiene. It was apparent I had gotten apathetic, but there was a darker reason for my exhaustion. Through her abilities and my dreams, we were able to pinpoint a spiritual attack that was weighing me down. She instructed me how to cleanse this attack, and held space for me in the astral plane as I did the work that was needed.

I have to say it was like night and day! I felt instantly better and had so much more energy and lifted spirits! I finished several projects and reignited my spiritual practices. I had confirmation from my guides that all was well, many times, for days after. If she didn't help me through this time I don't know how I would of gotten the energy to release this attack and get into the space to heal myself. She is a true gifted mystic!"

- Melissa M.

"I wanted to take a moment out of my day to thank you for all you have done in my life to make it more livable. You have unselfishly used your gifts to help heal the entity in my home torturing my poor dog. Not by simply expelling him but by guiding him to the light and telling me which crystals to have put into my dog’s collar so she feels protection, comfort and peace. If not for you she would probably be on ever increasing doses of Prozac for the rest of her life.

You also showed ME how to go into my inner space and open myself up to my angels. After the loss of my sister I thought my connection to the divine was gone but you showed me the divine within and all around me. For that I will always be truly grateful. You gave unselfishly of your time always available at the other end of the phone sometimes just a text away.

Now with the pain from my Rheumatoid Arthritis you are working with me on pain management not to replace medicine but to activate the healing within me to manage all the side affects better. I think you will always be my champion. I am in awe of your self-awareness and the open connections with the divine that you bring to the table of my life.

You have become a cherished friend in my journey and I appreciate God’s gift that is you.

Thank you seems hardly enough"
- Joanne J