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In our quest... for greater understanding, healing

& accessing unconditional love,

we eventually all come to ask the same questions...

Who am I?

What is the
Meaning of Life?

What Makes Me
Come Alive?

Am I Living
My Soul’s Calling?

Like you, I wear many hats in my life: I am an author, speaker, coach, entrepreneur, mentor & mother. 

Many people call me the “Soul Curator”, because of my work helping people tap into their soul’s deepest calling; a calling they, & perhaps you, have tried unsuccessfully to ignore for years, sometimes even decades.

You know what they say about your calling, if you ignore it, it will just keep calling!

I have dedicated my life to helping people like you discover, access & live into your soul’s calling; to connect to your Soul Manifesto, & to experience abundance, contentment & joy, while on the journey.

Let’s get started by getting an idea of what your Soul Manifesto may be! 





Two Time International Best Selling Author of 

Hello, Soul! & You Can’t Escape From A Prison If You Don’t Know You’re In One. 


Alena will help you with these expert guided resources available for every stage of your self-discovery journey:

Are you so ready to see better results in your life? 

  • Possess a deeper knowledge of what you really want

  • Gain insight for spotting problematic choices before you take the next step

  • Break free from negative thought patterns that lead to less than you deserve


Soul Talk is a monthly sharing community and mastermind for seekers desiring to be part of a community committed to activating possibility and creativity in life; delving deeper into the spiritual dimensions that are all too often ignored in our fast-paced modern world.

Rediscover the MAGIC of life, lost so many years ago!



 Move beyond the ‘busy-ness’, the negativity, & the toxic relationships, & start your journey towards creating positive, life-altering change with the help of Alena Chapman, Elizabeth Gilbert, Candice Harper, Chad Lefevre, David MacElwain, Cornell Thomas & Tara Lefevre!



13 week course plus a private session with Alena


Living with Soul to Gain Purpose is about learning to connect to & live connected to Soul. Every step helps you to tap into your inner voice/your internal feminine divine in a way that is always open for you. 

With this connection you become the ebb & flow of life so that you feel whole & in sync with your true self on every level. 



8 week course


The purpose of this program is to heal.

What is healing?

Just like all of life, healing is a journey of growth, insight & discovery. Everyone heals in their own time & space. However, there are beautiful elements in our present time to help us. Alena is one of those elements.

She will guide you through sharing with others who care about & love you, nature & guidance, & the discovery of how much you are loved. 

All of these contribute to building the understanding that helps you move through this journey whole & complete.




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