The Unabashedly Me Retreat!

What if you could get a strong start in creating the reality you dream of?

What if you had a support system that helped you gain strength,
understanding and even better, saw the light inside you?

What if you had time to renew yourself and
felt safe to explore your dreams and test out your reality of the true you?

Attend Alena's Unabashedly Me Retreat

Do you have healthy boundaries?

Personal boundaries define what we feel about ourselves. They shape our lives in a massive way. The careers we choose, the relationships we have, how much money we allow ourselves to have…. The list goes on and on.

The way we communicate with others is directly linked to our personal boundaries. Take my free personal boundaries quiz and find out how you're doing with your personal boundaries today!

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In our quest... for greater understanding, healing

& accessing unconditional love,

we eventually all come to ask the same questions...

Who am I?

What is the
Meaning of Life?

What Makes Me
Come Alive?

Am I Living
My Soul’s Calling?

Like you, I wear many hats in my life: I am an author, speaker, coach, entrepreneur, mentor & mother. 

My work helps people tap into their soul’s deepest calling; a calling they, & perhaps you, have tried unsuccessfully to ignore for years, sometimes even decades.

You know what they say about your calling, if you ignore it, it will just keep calling!

I have dedicated my life to helping people like you discover, access & live into your soul’s calling; to connect to your Soul Manifesto, & to experience abundance, contentment & joy, while on the journey.

Let’s get started by getting an idea of what your Soul Manifesto may be! 





Two Time International Best Selling Author of 

Hello, Soul! & You Can’t Escape From A Prison If You Don’t Know You’re In One. 


Alena will help you every stage of your self-discovery journey:

Are you so ready to see better results in your life? 

  • Possess a deeper knowledge of what you really want

  • Gain insight for spotting problematic choices before you take the next step

  • Break free from negative thought patterns that lead to less than you deserve


Chats with Alena is a monthly sharing community and mastermind for seekers desiring to be part of a community committed to activating possibility and creativity in life; delving deeper into the spiritual dimensions that are all too often ignored in our fast-paced modern world.

Rediscover the MAGIC of life, lost so many years ago!



 Move beyond the ‘busy-ness’, the negativity, & the toxic relationships, & start your journey towards creating positive, life-altering change with the help of Alena Chapman, Elizabeth Gilbert, Candice Harper, Chad Lefevre, David MacElwain, Cornell Thomas & Tara Lefevre!


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