Join Alena as she interviews world-renowned spiritual experts and masters on how to access the magic and connect to that part of you that has been neglected or ignored for far too long. Learn to meditate, manifest, and create from a place of alignment with your soul’s deepest desires and highest calling.

Spiritual Awakening

Watch this YouTube Playlist for Alena to help you in your spiritual awakening journey, including topics:

The Most Powerful Spiritual Affirmations


How Do I Know If My Life Is On the Right Path?


How To Find The Right Spiritual Path

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Meditation for Manifestation

Watch this YouTube Playlist for Alena to help you in meditation, affirmation, and manifestation, including topics:

How do I Manifest Something Overnight?


Three Ways to Quiet Your Worst Critical Thoughts


How To Use Crystals For Abundance

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Be Your Own Best Soulmate

Watch this YouTube Playlist for Alena to help you connect deeper with yourself, including topics:

How to Set Boundaries For Self-Growth


How to Overcome Feelings of Insecurity


Affirmations to Find Your Soulmate

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