Alena Chapman, The Mystical Muse

Alena Chapman has devoted her life to helping others discover their true desires and create happy, fulfilling lives by guiding them to identify the true gifts of their soul. She offers a way past the prison of our inner critic and through any toxic relationships & self-sabotage through activating our connection to soul.

Alena works her magic by wisely integrating the ancient wisdom of spiritual modalities and sages of old along with Scientific research to bring clarity, ease, and flow along with greater understanding to all. Ancient civilizations understood the secret of “as above is below and what is inward is our world.” They knew the gifts we each have given. Gifts of intuition, healing self, seeing all with total clarity, hearing the guidance that so many in our time cannot. As the energy of logic, reason and action took hold of civilization, these gifts were not valued and became hidden deep within our souls.

She is on a quest to help people everywhere to connect to their souls and the Divine & experience inner knowing, higher understanding, abundance, and confidence while on their journey.

Alena has more than 30 years of continued study with mentors such as, Dr. Bob Proctor and Dr. Wayne Dyer along with many others.

Through her international bestselling books, online and in-person classes, Mystical Muse podcast, and products, Alena works with clients from around the world to help them identify what they are really here on earth to learn and achieve from a space of compassion, non-judgment, and love.




Alena has been a guest on ABC, CBS, PBS, iHeart Radio, Law of Attraction Radio, many conferences, interviews, and events including with Les Brown and Bob Proctor, and Elizabeth Gilbert. A certified counselor with Right Relations, Alena has also studied with Dr. Wayne Dyer, Bob Proctor, and countless others on top of her personal studies.

Don’t miss Alena’s number one syndicated radio/show “Magical Moments”, for ease and betterment in your life; where Alena interviews top guests in their field with lively fun conversations packed with lots of information for your own life.

Life is too short to do something that doesn't bring you joy.

 We are all perfectly imperfect beings & shouldn't be afraid to show our flaws.

You are in control of your thoughts, actions, & destiny.