How Can I Charge My Crystals?

how to charge crystals

Crystals as we have learned are a valuable tool to have in your journey, but they need to be taken care of so that you can continue to access their energy. Since crystals have the ability to absorb the negative energy from your life it is important that you regularly charge them; the negative energy depletes the good energy stored within the crystal. Charging them on a regular basis will keep their vibrations at optimal levels allowing them to aid you in your spiritual journey. There are various ways you can charge your crystals including many they you do not have to have special tools for. To start with before charging you can cleanse your crystals by running fresh clean water over them, a bed of salt, or smudging with sage.

The full moon is a powerful experience so place your crystals in a safe clear area during the full moon overnight. The lunar energy fills the crystals to the brim with good energy. Since the full moon brings high energy, illumination, and a sense of release it will purify and cleanse the negative energy and release it from the crystal. Once morning comes don’t forget to thank the moon and universe for the use of its energy!

For the crystals that can handle being wet you can make your own moon water on the night of the full moon then when they need to be charged pour the water over them or soak them for an hour or two.

Sound baths work wonders, for this one though you would need a crystal singing bowl. Once you have the bowl, place your crystal within and set your intentions, such as that you want to rid your crystal of negativity and charge it back to its optimal state. The crystal bowls harness the energy of sounds similar to how crystals use energy. Doing this will not only charge your crystals but amplify them.

A bed of sea salt is another way (not particularly good for the softer stones), you simply immerse your crystal in the salt and let it sit overnight.

Bury your stones underground. Bring them closer to the healing energies of the nature they once came from. It’s simple: pick your spot and dig a small hole, use that dirt and put it within an earthenware pot/jar along with the crystals. Then bury it in the hole for at least a week. Don’t forget to make your spot though!

Burning incense and herbs is also a great way to go. All you must do is burn the herbs and wave your crystal through the smoke for 3 minutes. You can use such things as lavender, sandalwood, sage, sweetgrass, cedar, or jasmine.

If you use and connect with spirit guides, you can meditate or pray and ask them to connect to your crystal and cleanse and charge them.

Meditation or visualization also works. Meditate while holding your crystals and visualize a cleanse and fully charged stone. Put your clear and strong intentions into the visualization.

There are many ways to make sure you treat your crystals with the respect the powerful tools deserve. A crystal that is cleansed and charged correctly will continue to aid you on your spiritual journey but if you allow them to absorb all the negative energy from your life without releasing that from them, they cannot help you. Choose one or many of the methods from above and keep your crystals full of good energy so that they can heal, protect, and fill your life with good vibrations.

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