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Hello, my wonderful community of seekers, soul-searchers, and spiritual-solution finders! It’s always such a joy to settle in with my cup of tea and chat with you about some of the incredible resources that Spirit provides us with to help us take creative control over our lives. Today we are going to chat about the power of repetition, and how to add it to our spiritual toolbox in a way that is best suited to our own individual needs.

Okay, so the first time I heard about using the power of repetition was from a friend of mine. She was a brand new friend at the time. We had both just written our first book, and we both had the same goal of wanting to become an international bestselling author.

At one point during our first meeting, her alarm went off and she excused herself. She wasn’t gone long, maybe 5 minutes, and when she returned, she shared with me that she has her alarm set to go off every two hours because she is working with repetition and spiritual journaling to help manifest her goal of becoming an internationally best-selling author. Now of course when I hear this, I lean ALL the way in, because I love learning new spiritual tools for co-creating with the Universe. Here’s what she told me she’s been doing for over a month to make her dreams of becoming a successful author a reality:

Every two hours, when her alarm goes off, she sits down somewhere quiet and writes “I am an internationally bestselling author,” and she writes it 25 times. While she is writing this one phrase over and over, she tries not to think of anything else. She gives her entire focus to these 7 words that express her sacred wish, and for just that moment she allows herself to feel as though these words are true.

So I immediately recognize that this form of repetition works similarly to affirmations, right? Because an affirmation is anything that we repeat to ourselves throughout the day that, with enough repetition, begins to shape our perception, and ultimately our reality.

I think it’s important to mention before I continue, that the power of repetition works for better or worse! That’s the thing about powers, right? They can be used for creation or destruction. Negative self-talk is terribly common. People do it ALOT, and some people even do it almost all the time! They get into the habit of repeating things, like “I’m just so sick of this or that,” or a really common one that is very sneaky is saying “It’s always something…” every time life doesn’t go according to plan. And when we get into the habit of repeating this kind of negative self-talk, well—it works the same as positive affirmations! Because the universe is energetic and it’s always listening, and our thoughts have actual energetic properties that pulse out into the Universe and attract more of the same energy. So we have to be careful about what kind of conversation we are having with the Universe about ourselves, okay? Because the Universe only ever has one reply, and it’s always the same. The Universe just says “yes.”

That’s why I like to tell my clients, “Give the Universe something amazing to say ‘yes’ to.”

But getting back to my friend, when I learned of her method for evoking the power of repetition, which I now know is actually a form of self-hypnosis—I thought, you know I want to do everything I can within my power to become an international bestselling author too! So I asked myself, “Should I try doing the same thing? Should I set my alarm to go off every two hours?”

And here’s the thing—there’s nothing wrong with her method, and guess what—spoiler alert, her method worked for her! She DID become an internationally bestselling author. But I chose not to use her exact technique because when I imagined my phone alarm going off all the time, interrupting what I was doing every two hours, and when I imagined writing the same sentence over and over again- I just felt like, “Ugh, that does not sound fun to me.” And I’d get so tired of my phone going off like that, I’d feel like throwing it out the window! So I recognized almost immediately that the technique that was working for her, wasn’t going to work for me in the same way, because I wasn’t going to enjoy it. My emotional energy around having to do it was going to be off—I wouldn’t be in the moment feeling purely like, “Yes, I AM an internationally bestselling author,” because I’d also be annoyed by my alarm, and distracted by having to break away from whatever I was working on at the time.

Repetition is a powerful tool for taking creative control over our reality, and it really does work—but my friend’s technique for evoking the power of repetition, wasn’t the most effective way for me personally—because I wouldn’t have enjoyed doing it, okay? My mindset around doing it her way was as though it were a chore. At first, I wondered to myself, “Well, Alena—should you tell people that? Because a lot of people might really LOVE using my friend’s technique as part of their spiritual practice, and the people who love using it—they would get amazing results! Should you tell people that her technique is one of the spiritual tools that you’ve chosen not to include in your own spiritual toolbox?” And you know what? The reason I decided to just let you know, is because I want you to know that you can do the same thing too— Your spiritual toolbox doesn’t need to look exactly like mine, or anyone else’s for that matter. You have total creative control over discovering what spiritual tools bring you the most joy. Because, ultimately— the tools that bring you the most joy are going to be the ones that work the best for making YOUR dreams a reality.

Here are the most important things to remember when developing your own unique Spiritual Journaling Ritual:

  • Choose a VERY specific outcome, and go into as much detail as you can about what it looks like, and how it makes you feel.
  • At the end of each session, include a promise to yourself of one thing you will do tomorrow to set yourself up to win and be sure to include things that prepare you spiritually as well as physically; self-care things such as enjoying a hobby, doing spiritual readings, and practicing meditation.
  • When you are writing each night to achieve a specific outcome, your vision is going to continue to evolve so be sure to include all the new details your mind creates for you.
  • Add illustrations to your journal entries. You don’t have to be some great artist, just drawing up quick sketches that emulate the images you have in your mind will be perfect, and it can be fun too. If you feel inspired to use color—by all means go for it, ESPECIALLY if you have certain colors really coming through to you clearly in your mind.
  • Part of evoking the power of repetition is keeping up with the routine of writing in your spiritual journal every single night. It doesn’t have to take a long time. You just need to write until you feel that energetic shift that happens when your mind starts to really believe.

Thank you so much for joining me today, and if you’d like more help with evoking the power of repetition, you’re going to LOVE the 7-Day Reset, which you will gain access to through watching the full episode. And speaking of love, also remember that Love is Spirit and Spirit is Love. Namaste

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