Why is Change so Scary?

Today, I want to talk to you about topics that every single one of us faces in our lives. Change. And the word—Change; it can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Fear of change is very common. Sometimes even change for the better can be frightening! Why? Click play on today’s episode to learn more.

Because we all have these dual desires within us. On one hand, we deeply desire stability, and a certain amount of structure and routine helps us stay on track. On the other hand, if our lives become a little too structured—we can get bored and restless. 

During these boring times, we become prone to ‘stirring the pot.’ Maybe by picking fights with loved ones, or challenging the protocols at work, or sometimes even making more drastic choices that can lead to serious consequences! Why do we do that? Because our souls become restless when we aren’t doing what we came here to do. Click the episode to dive deeper into this subject with me

When I say we aren’t doing what we came here to do, I’m not exactly talking about our specific, individual purpose. I’m talking about the things we are ALL here to do: Learn, unlearn, grow, create, and have new experiences. 

When our souls become restless, it doesn’t mean you need to quit your job and start sky-diving every weekend. Although, it’s okay if that’s what you want to do, of course. But when we get bored with our routine, and our soul becomes restless—it’s because we haven’t learned anything for a while. So we either rock the boat to bring about a new lesson, or we also have the option of seeking out new information, reading up on a subject that serves us to know more about, traveling to somewhere new to witness a different environment. And what happens once we gain these new insights, or encounter these new lessons? Change. Change is what happens when we learn.

I’d love to go more in-depth with you on this important subject because I’m going to give some really valuable tools for opening your heart to change that build confidence and create a lot of peace of mind, so please join me by watching the episode: How to Open Your Heart to Change.

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn and grow with me today. Join our community on Facebook and contact me directly through Soulmanifesto.com if you’d like help with the exercises I teach, or even if you just need to talk. Namaste

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