Why Happiness is a Decision

It isn’t by chance that I define myself as a happy person. It isn’t because of my genetic makeup, my relationships, or my circumstances that I can be defined as happy and joyful. My happiness is not reliant on others and on uncontrollable factors. In other words, my state of happiness is not an accident. It is a decision. It is a decision I make, a gift that I give to myself each day. Wouldn’t you like to be able to make this decision for yourself? I think you would find it interesting to know how happiness works and how you can make it work for you.

Happiness is a decision, a choice.

I have had my share of disappointments, setbacks and problems in life. I have had relationship issues that would have gutted a lesser person. And yet, what I did with all those setbacks and problems is, I made a decision about how I chose to let them affect me and my life. I changed my perception of things. Maybe I chose to look at how much worse things could have been, or maybe I chose to focus on the silver lining in every situation.

Each time, I made the choice, the decision not to let my circumstances dictate my feelings or actions. I did not let them defeat me. Each time I made the effort to connect to something higher than myself so that I knew that things were never hopeless, never as bad as they seemed. Let me explain why happiness is a decision and how this is a gift you can give yourself – I think it’s going to be a revelation to you, how not difficult this can be.

When you decide to be happy, you settle for nothing less.

Give yourself this gift: When you say you want to be happy, stick to the decision you make. Make this choice each morning when you wake up. If you look around you – do this right now – you will find so many things to be happy about. If you’re out of doors perhaps there is a beautiful tree in your line of vision. Maybe you’re on your porch and you look up and the sky is a stunning color, or maybe you see a marvelous sunset – I find that the sky is a source of endless joy for me. Maybe you’re at home and your beautiful, healthy child may be your reason for constant happiness. Even something like a lovely duvet with colors or a pattern you love – it gives you happiness when you look at it. Or perhaps you spot a mug that your friend gave you with a picture on it that is special for both of you, and that made you smile.

Did you look around you? I’m willing to bet that when you looked for happiness, you found it! The trick is not to just settle for being unhappy but to consciously seek and embrace happiness. In my video, I also speak of creating little incidents of happiness – things, people, situations that put a smile on your face. Learn how to decide to be happy. You will find it becomes a habit – a habit that makes you happy.

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