When Joy Fades

Our lives are built in moments. Moments that are happy, angry, sad, funny, and moments that are full of life. These moments become our memories, eventually, the memories fade but the joy of life remains. Unfortunately, there can be times when we experience that joy fading. 

Joy can fade for so many reasons. Trauma, depression, unhappiness with where your life path is leading, or maybe just general confusion on what a person wants out of their journey of living. When this happens it becomes near impossible to find the light in the mundane, or even the happiest of times. These can be those days where you know you have absolutely everything to be thankful for but you just can’t completely see the light at the end of the tunnel. This doesn’t mean that you are undeserving or ungrateful for having the wonders your life contains. It means that your joy has become hard to find and reach, that it’s fading. 

It’s extremely important to remember that it’s not your fault and that you are not broken. When you stop finding the delight in the little things or in your current state of existence it’s time to change your mindset and begin a journey of healing. 

First, you need to take the time to reacquaint your heart and mind. Your heart's desires can’t come to be if your mind is entrenched in darkness. Meditation is a great way to do this. You can take the time to listen to both your heart and your mind in a calming environment. This will help you realign your goals, needs, and wants. Find a quiet and comforting place the reconnect with yourself.

Second, take that break. Remember to not only care for your body but also for your mental and spiritual health. Take a break and find an activity or non-activity that makes you feel at peace. Don’t feel guilty. Instead, rediscover your creativity, passions, inspirations, and more simply by pursuing time for yourself. 

Third, ground yourself. Take a walk and become one with nature. Let the world speak to you and feel all that is great that resides around you. You’ll come to see the wonders that Mother Nature has gifted us. 

Lastly, listen to yourself. Stop ignoring all the thoughts in your heart that may be trying to lead you to what you need. If you feel like crying, cry. If you need to talk, then do it. If you need to change careers, relationships, or locations, then pursue the life you've been wanting. Listen to your heart and soul and use those experiences to enrich your life. 

Once you’re on the other path to healing all aspects of your life (mind, body, soul) you’ll begin to see the joys that are in your life. Setbacks and moments of joylessness may happen and that’s completely fine. It’s all a part of your journey and you cannot fully experience and appreciate joy if you haven’t ever had the experience of being without. Live your life path to the fullest, allowing yourself to be whole within yourself, and your joy will shine.

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