What's the Right Spiritual Path

This question keeps repeating, it just keeps bubbling up for people no matter how much they try to ignore it. Actually, I think ignoring it is making it louder and louder. Four people in the last week alone have reached out to me with this very question. Through comments, direct messages, and even just being pulled aside at a supermarket, I get the same question: How to find the right spiritual path? 

Is it really so difficult to find the right spiritual path?

Much of the time, the real answers elude us because the inner critic is telling us falsehoods about ourselves, limiting us, questioning our abilities, and shaking our self-belief. How to find the right spiritual path is not as difficult a question to answer as that intimidating inner critic would have us believe. Finding that spiritual path isn’t just for religious gurus and spiritual leaders who show others the path. You can show you the path too! All you need to do is silence that inner critic and ask yourself the right questions.

Of course, this is easier said than done. That inner critic is constantly nagging us, pulling us down, and chipping away at our self-belief. We feel unsure, underconfident, and diffident about reaching out for the answers we seek. So the first thing to do is to stop giving that inner voice so much authority, so much power over you. Remember, that inner critic is lying to you; it is obscuring the truth about yourself. You want to do something, achieve something but that inner critic makes you uncomfortable, making you question and doubt yourself.

Ask yourself the most basic of questions – Why.

It is the bravest question you can ask yourself, but it is also the most important. What is it that you really want and why are you denying yourself the chance at grabbing hold of the success and the happiness that you know you deserve? Asking the important questions helps you understand the motivations behind your actions as well as the actions of others around you. You understand why you do what you do, and how it impacts your lives. This illuminates the spiritual path you seek and that empowers you! 

Did you ever have a big opportunity in life that you let slip out of your fingers? I did! I had the chance to co-author a book with my mentor and I turned it down because I supposedly didn’t have the time? Did I really not have the time? I asked myself, why did I really turn down this opportunity? What other things was I doing instead that I prioritized over this? Were those things really more important or was I letting my inner critic get the best of me? Check out this video if you’re wondering how to find the right spiritual path. I explain more about how to discover yours. You may also want to check out the 7-Day Reset to Inner Peace, an amazing free resource that will help you lift up and rise above the noise of that inner critic.

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