Unblock Your Abundance

Here’s a question I get ALL the time:  Can you manifest abundance? How do I manifest abundance in my life? And it makes sense why that question is so popular: Money isn’t everything, but it certainly can make life easier, and it helps us help others. So let me ask YOU a question: What is your attitude towards money, really? Can you manifest abundance? Or do you harbor resentment toward money and people who have more money than you have right now?

Have you ever repeated these common negative beliefs about money: “Money is the root of all evil.” “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” or even “Money can’t buy happiness.” Maybe you were raised in a home where you heard these old adages repeated over and over…While there may be some truth to these old sayings, it doesn’t change the fact that these are limiting beliefs, and truly we need money, and having money is important for securing our future. These negative beliefs can even instill a sense of guilt or shame inside of us–as though it were wrong, selfish, or shallow to want money. Talk about creating a mental block to manifest Abundance.

The root of these negative beliefs around money can create an either/or mentality: You can either be a good person, or you can be a rich person. But this is an illusion that creates massive limitations in our financial growth.

The first step to attracting abundance is to identify the ways you may be deflecting abundance, so let’s get real–right here, right now–and talk about how we can clear our energetic pathways of unwanted emotional debris, and make way for new and exciting opportunities to welcome abundance into our lives.

Can you manifest abundance? Yes, absolutely you can! In fact, abundance is the very nature of the Universe, and when we experience recurring or ongoing periods of scarcity, there’s a strong possibility that our attitude is helping to create that scarcity.

The truth is, that our relationship with money can become damaging and dysfunctional when we start thinking of it as if it were some all-powerful being. The giver of peace. The bringer of love. The source of true happiness… of course, we know deep down that this isn’t true. Peace, love, and happiness come from within, from the divine—their source is Spirit. But how easy it is to place a crown over the idea of being wildly wealthy! How easy it is to associate being happy, healthy, loved, liked… not with being kind, or making good choices, or being of service to others, or connecting with Spirit… But with just having a lot of money. I think confusing money with self-worth is very common, especially in today’s world where social media has people comparing their lives to perfect pictures of smiling couples embracing in exotic locations with their perfect families, and their perfect homes, and their perfect perfect perfect.

Well, you already know that there’s no such thing as perfect—I mean, we forget all the time, especially when we get caught up with our inner critic who likes to nit-pick at us…but let me ask you, is there a part of you that believes having a lot of money would solve all your problems? If your answer is ‘yes’, then that just may be the limiting belief that is blocking your flow of abundance.

Actually, there are 4 Main Limiting Beliefs that can block you from manifesting abundance. I’m going to give you one right now, and to learn about all four, please don’t miss out on watching the full episode above! Because here’s the real-real truth about money: Money is energy. The exchange of money is an exchange of energy. And you—regardless of what you have or have-not, you are—right now— 100% capable of generating the type of energy that manifests abundance in your life. So let’s jump right in and start replacing Limiting Beliefs with Abundance-Attracting Beliefs.

Let’s start with the limiting belief we’ve already mentioned, “Money would solve all my problems.”

Replace this limiting belief about money with this: Abundance- Attracting belief: “Money solves money problems.”

Because that’s the truth. And hey—I don’t want to minimize your situation. Solving your money problems could very well free you up to feel better, relax more, enjoy life more… sure, solving money problems can definitely mean A LOT to MOST of us.

In our society, we NEED money. That’s just how it is. That’s why this question of “Can I manifest abundance” is SO important. Because we all need money. But we forget that money is simply the flow of energy, and we underestimate our power—our raw ability to control that flow with our own thoughts and beliefs. Reminding ourselves that money only solves money problems, can help us to put money in its rightful place. Not above us, not just outside our reach… money is nowhere near as precious or valuable as we are, as spiritual beings put here to have these outrageous human experiences. It’s just a flow of energy that you have the power to block or harness, all depending on your own energy.

Thank you so much for joining me today! Please subscribe to my channel if you enjoyed this episode because I release new ones every Tuesday and Thursday. Drop me a comment or a question if you have one! I personally read them all! I hope you got a lot out of this episode, and I hope above all—the message you are receiving is that you are so much more powerful, precious, and valuable than the concept of money. Please be sure to watch the full episode to gain access to all four limiting beliefs. Money is an unchanging, unfeeling, energetic flow, and you are a Spiritual being, masterfully designed to be a living generator that has the ability to produce any kind of energy you want to attract.

Can you manifest abundance? Yes. Because Spirit has designed you to be capable of manifesting literally anything. So with that in mind, I leave you, as always, with the reminder that Love is Spirit and Spirit is Love.

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