Transform Yourself to Live with Ease and Flow

Recently, I was in the grocery store, and I like to go to the smaller grocery stores because I like the music and peace. Right as I was getting my card out, this guy told me this story, which kind of blew my mind. He was in a grocery store aisle at a big-chain grocery store and he saw a person coming in the other direction of the aisle. So he stopped his cart because he thought he was in the way and this woman motioned for him to move forward and he started to move forward. She took her cart and rammed it into him and then swore at him for getting in the way! Whoa! Now this man did take the higher road. He just let it go. He could have started a full-out argument right then and there.

So what's going on? People have a lot of anger. There's a lot of anger in society from the past two years; some lost their jobs, family tensions, lost loved ones, were stuck with certain people for too long. They have had enough.

Then everyone was divided by the media and put into different groups; they pushed mass division on every subject, and the whole time we kept being fed more and more of these fight or flight news stories every single day. It gives many people a feeling of lack of control over their lives and when people feel a lack of control over their lives, they want to get control back. They want to get stable again. They want to stand on stable ground again. It is an adverse, emergency response. 

The adverse emergency response feeds the fire inside that makes us panic and want to get on stable ground. Fire creates more fire, and fire also purifies, causing new growth, but there's no new growth if there's no water.

Water is just as strong, but it has a more peaceful lack of fight or flight response; more of a calm, insightful, strong direction.

So how do we take our fire and transform it into water? We are now getting many people saying that they want to move off the grid and go live in the mountains or become minimalist, or get a van and just drive all over the United States. I think it's amazing! That's a call folks. That's the response.

"Get me to some place where I can control myself and my environment. Somewhere that I can let go of this fight or flight feeling, where I can feel at peace and have ease and flow in my life. Get me back to the simpler things."

Should we all move to the mountains? Well, then we would probably not have mountains, right? It'd be full of people, no trees.

And then we get the other group that I see coming out everywhere who say, "I want to transform, give me that magic pill, give me one tool that will transform me totally", and have their own guru. They look for the guru and they say, "Give me something, I want to transform now."

I'd love to tell you there's a magic pill to make everything go away. You can't just go drive up, take something and be transformed, be off the grid, let nothing affect you.

But I'll tell you what you can do; you can start to take a look at yourself and see what you can change.

Do you know what transformation really is? It's the small little things we do or the things that we experience that cause positive growth inside.

"I don't want to do the work that sounds so hard".

Well, you're doing it wrong, you're forcing it.

Here's the thing: Transformation happens when you're ready.

Realizing you are ready to transform is true personal growth.

When I was going through my divorce, I met up with a wonderful person who was right here in my hometown, and she was way ahead of time. She was a psychiatrist who was doing a program through the courts called Right Relations. She really helped me start to see that I could get through my divorce.

They were the teachers that showed up in my life, and I knew I needed to learn from them. There was never anything painful, but each step I take is a realization now.

So if you want to change, you don't want to be angry all the time. We're all in this together, and I'll let you in on a little secret, the people who are making the greatest changes in this world right now aren't the people who are so-called "influential with money".

The people that can change things are the ones that stop having the adverse emergency response and have gotten themselves into the mindful presence of saying, "Wait, I don't need to fall for all this, let me just learn a little bit more,"; take a breath, and then with that breath, let go of that panic inside, which will help you see a better route for yourself.

Seize the opportunity to transform yourself.

I saw the opportunity to develop a program for people to help them in this time, that's the Inevitable You. I got the top experts to help because I know that when a person is ready to transform, they need teachers to help them awaken. Having your own transformation in a nice, steady way to get that ease and flow back into your life and get some clarity in your thinking.

That's really the truth. I sat there and I called the experts, I went and I got everything together, I did the interviews, I did the teachings, and I put it together. I was seeing too many people who could not control their anger, and that doesn't do us any good as a society, it doesn't do us any good as a town, and it doesn't do us any good with ourselves.

I want to give you something today to get you started, and although it's not a magic pill, it'll get you started on this road of transformation, because your mind is just spinning out of control.

You've got to consciously take the reins and say, "Wait a minute, this is not where I want to be."

Start to write down some gratitude, and it can be the simple things. It can be the wonderful family, it can be the big red dog that you have, it can be the sunny day, or another opportunity. 

 Practice writing down your gratitude at night and in the morning. Turn off the news, you don't need the news. Start to connect with people that make you happy, with things that make you happy, and with breathing meditations.

I took a walk recently and went to my favorite little river wetlands, off the beaten path where I found a pond. It was a different pond than I've ever sat at before. There was a little bench there. It was a sunny day, and I just sat down. I just watched birds, ducks, geese, and two deer frolicking. I just sat very, very still. A grasshopper came up and actually got on a blade of grass and stared at me like, "What are you doing here, lady?" I just allowed myself to close my eyes, feel the breeze, and let it go.

When you let it go, it's not like you go into an empty void; all of a sudden, you feel this immense love and power inside you. You've got to let go of the fire and allow the truth, the water, and the light to enter into you.

When you let go, you come back stronger, with more wisdom to deal with your problems and create positive solutions. In my line of work, I help people get rid of that adverse emergency response and instead act with the flow of water with wisdom, not bouncing like a fireball to each crisis. We need to get ourselves centered again. The only way that we can do that is if we stop, breathe, and find the things that nurture us.

Take that walk, show gratitude, and start to surround ourselves with people who support you.


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