Top 5 FAQs on Affirmations

In the past week or so, I’ve received several questions about how to use spiritual affirmations. So, I decided to dedicate a whole episode to answering your FAQs about Spiritual Affirmations.

I am enough. I am loved. I am well. A spiritual affirmation can draw you closer to spirit. It gives your mind the rare gift of space— it creates an actual feeling of spiritual distance between you and your daily stressors. You and your busy schedule. You and the self-doubt, the fear, the uncertainty. Because You aren’t any of those things. Those things ARE separate from you, but it’s so easy to allow things like our daily stressors, our to-do lists, our feelings of self-doubt and uncertainty, to get so close to us that it’s almost impossible to see where they end and we begin. So, let’s jump right in and answer some of these Spiritual Affirmations FAQs right now. First, we have:

Do affirmations work?

They’ve worked for me, that is certainly my own personal experience. And countless modern research studies conclude that affirmations work, and consider this, within the spiritual wisdom of ancient civilizations, affirmations have always existed as a spiritual tool in the form of mantras, chanting, and prayer.

So for this question, I want to give you 2 reasons why Spiritual Affirmations wouldn’t work for someone.

  • There’s no emotional connection to the affirmation – Affirmations work according to the energy they cause you to feel. Let me say that in another way: In order for your spiritual affirmations to have a powerful impact on your life, you need to use affirmations that make you feel the way you want your life to feel more often. I actually can’t stress this enough. If your affirmations aren’t making you feel good, or feel anything—it’s time to stop. Because at that point, you could be saying anything and it would make no difference. Stop and take a deep breath, reset your energy, reset your focus and try again. When it comes to affirmations, the words you say are way less important than the way they make you feel.
  • People quit before the miracle happens – Affirmations are a spiritual practice, and like any practice, is meant to be repeated with frequency. It’s also important to remember that you are trying to rewire old thought patterns that no longer serve you in life. Those unwanted thought patterns have grooves that run deep within our minds, and it takes some patience and consistency to root out those old ideas and replace them with beautiful and exciting new ones.

The next most frequently asked question would be: 

Why are affirmations so powerful?

When you dedicate just around 5-15 minutes a day to practice Spiritual Affirmations, your spirit gets this time, this opportunity every day, to zoom out, and take a wider view. You get a glimpse of the possibilities that stretch out before you, which is a refreshing view when you’re used to only being able to see the next obstacle that lies straight ahead.

You get a glimpse of yourself from Spirit’s point-of-view, and from Spirit’s point-of-view you have no limitations. There is no good reason to continue carrying the weight of old hurts, and self-blame or allowing ourselves to be defined by our past. Because the Spirit wants you to feel joy and wants you to feel free. And affirmations are very powerful for silencing that inner-critic because to put it simply, Spiritual Affirmations fight fire-with-fire.

Your inner-critic has been using affirmations this whole time, just not to your benefit! The inner critic employs hundreds of negative affirmations that make us feel apart from the rest of the world, unimportant, never good enough, and this painful self-messaging inner critic has convinced us, in many cases, that what it says is true. Here’s the good news, though: The high-level frequency that Spiritual Affirmations pulse out into the world is so much more powerful than the low-frequency vibrations of a negative affirmation. If you’re thinking, “what are you talking about Alena, vibrations, and frequencies?”

Well, it’s true! Science has concluded that every thought and emotion has a vibrational frequency or a wave frequency, and now they are even able to measure and match those frequencies to all the different emotions. Using this technology, it was proven that negative affirmation vibrations are very low-vibration energy, and spiritual affirmations vibrate at really high levels of frequency that are much more powerful. Isn’t that cool?

Thank you all for joining me, and another special thank you to those of you who submitted your questions to me in the comments and by emailing me directly on If you’d like to hear the remaining 3 FAQs, be sure to click on the link to watch the full episode now!

I don’t want you to miss out on anything that will further your progress toward creating a life you love. And as always, living a life you love means you are with Spirit because Love is Spirit and Spirit is Love. Namaste

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