Too Busy to Rest? Watch This Now!

I sometimes think back to my college days when assignments had to be completed, and the term paper or that production had to be done. I would be there and do that no matter if I was sick or exhausted or just out of it. I do have 3 and three fourths degrees in music after all. 

In college, you have a lot of energy and you think you can just go on and on, and you pick up some bad habits. Sound familiar? I’m sure it does – because you see, no one taught us otherwise! No one told us the importance of taking a break to rest!

Learning to take breaks.

We are a society that worships industry and elevates busyness. If you’re busy you’re good and you’re productive. No one teaches us about the importance of resting or just taking some moments off from time to time. We have never been taught that we need to reinforce our reserves of energy, spirituality; much less are we taught how to do this. We valorize being busy to the point that we don’t recognize when we reach a point of exhaustion — when we’re literally running ragged.  

There is another reason we don’t want to or try not to take breaks. Often being busy is a mask — it is an excuse. This is something that I have realized about myself after painful introspection. At the time when my relationship was unhappy, I would take refuge in being busy. I would do this so that I didn’t have to process what I was feeling and experiencing.

Why you must find the time to rest.

I am a natural multitasker and am very deadline-oriented. As such I am prone to this kind of busyness. However, over the years I have taught myself otherwise. I have learned why this is important, and I take time out to meditate twice a day (more about this in my podcast).

Taking the time to rest gives us a lot of clarity. It recharges our creative energies so that we are more focused and productive. This is good for the immune system and even for those around because as I always say, you cannot pour from an empty cup. You have to care for yourself if you want to care for others.

Another reason to pause and to rest is to give yourself time to take stock. When we keep doing, doing, doing, we forget to just be. We forget to give a thought to the direction we’re moving in; whether we even want to go where we’re going. Remaining in touch with our energy, spirituality and our creativity is vital to being well in mind and body.

I have a few tips for you – ways in which you can learn to relax and self-care. Check out this episode to know about the importance of taking a rest.

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