Tips for Thriving Every Day

What helps you find a sense of peace in the midst of chaos?

The little things that keep us sane during normal daily life, such as having self-care rituals, connecting with a higher power, or making time for friends, become even more important during times of crisis.

Because we all find ourselves in the midst of a worldwide shift in daily activity that has impacted millions of people in millions of ways, I wanted to provide you with Seven Ways to Stay Connected to Self-Care, so you can use them as a guiding light during these times.

Number One: Create a morning and nightly ritual that feels amazing.

Raise your vibrations, connect to your inner divine, and bring yourself gratitude for the blessings in your life with morning and nightly rituals. These rituals are imperative to getting myself focused for the day, and to get myself clear for a good night’s sleep. During a crisis, you need that more than anything. In the episode, I share some of the ways I’ve curated my morning and nightly rituals, so use them to get you started as you begin to explore what works best for you!

Number Two: Stay connected to others that lift you up.

Good friends are such a big asset. Laugh, enjoy, and lift each other up during a crisis. Every phone call or visit will feel good and enriching. Just what you need!

Number Three: Listen to things that lift you up.

The news and media may be a downer, so turn it off. Instead, listen to music that makes you want to dance or feel that peace. Watch videos or shows that make you laugh, or enrich your life and expand your knowledge. This all puts you at a higher vibration and a way of thinking that helps you during your crisis.

Number Four: Get a special notebook.

Yes! One with a beautiful colored cover or paper that you love. This is your special notebook. This is where you’re going to write down your goals or things that make you smile and grow. For instance, these are some of the questions you can answer in your notebook: How do I want to grow spiritually during this time? What do I want to achieve during this crisis? This gives you a powerful focus, a goal or intention to aim for during a crisis.

Number Five: Exercise.

Always good to do! Exercise releases endorphins. It gives you more of that feeling of accomplishment. When you do the sit-ups, it gives you a feeling of strength. Also, you can release built-up anxiety, or anxious energy, or unhappy feelings of any sort. Exercise is a must for the mind, the body, and for spiritual growth.

Number Six: Eat clean during any time of virus or crisis.

We always want to reach for sugar, or complex carbohydrates like bread, cookies, popcorn…However, it is so important to feed the mind and body with food that nourishes and provides long-lasting energy, foods like veggies, raw fruits, and protein.

Number Seven: I always say, “Just be,” and during a crisis, it is the most important time to just be.

This is when you want progress, but what you need to do is stop. Just being means to take time to just be with yourself without the radio, without the TV, without other people. And why is just being so important? Because when you are just being, it allows you the time to breathe, collect your thoughts, dream, and tap into your imagination. And during a crisis, it is the time when you are just being, that the ideas will come; ideas about how to deal with the crisis, and to make your life better going forward.

As always, I wish you well, my friends. If you have any questions about these seven tips, please leave them below or go to There’s a contact page where you can put your question. I always answer questions either on my YouTube or on my Magical Moments show, and I’d be happy to help you with any of these, but right now, just be. Take care of yourself, and you will begin to hear your soul more and more. Remember, spirit is love, and we have to start to open ourselves with our rituals into that love so we can be spirit. Namaste. Love you all.

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