The Power of Gratitude Done Right

Most of us have suffered setbacks in the recent past – some of us have been ill and/or have lost a loved one, or have suffered losses in our business or jobs. It can be easy to feel a sense of diffidence or even despair in these circumstances. Do you know what can help? Do you know what does help? It is a simple little gratitude ritual I perform each morning – it is spirituality in practice – quite literally, as I explain in one of my wisdom sessions.

Why gratitude is so powerful.

Think about the mechanics of gratitude – what do you give thanks for? The beautiful world around you, your loved ones, good health, financial security, professional satisfaction, or all of these, right? We count our blessings so to speak. What this does is, it shifts our focus. So if earlier the mind was focused on the problems, the dilemmas, and the challenges we face, now its focus is shifted. So where earlier the mind was looking only at what is negative, it now sees the positives as well. Hope is now jousting for space with the hopelessness experienced previously!

That perceptual shift is like looking at our problems via a telescope vis-à-vis a microscope. Those problems now appear diminished in size and are a lot less threatening. This is literally spirituality in practice, in action! You raise your vibration and you embrace that which is good and which works for you! It could be something as simple as looking up at a beautiful azure sky. You get a sense of the vastness of the universe and its dazzling beauty and suddenly, your own problems seem a little less scary and forbidding.

Change your vibration.

Over the years, I have come to realize how very powerful and effective gratitude is as a tool to overcome difficulties and unlock creativity. This is something I speak about with those who have attended my 7 Day Reset, watched my videos, or have participated in my meditation sessions. I have my morning gratitude ritual that simply transforms my day and invites the most positive vibrations of the universe into my life.

Let me give you an example – the radio metaphor is my favorite one, especially since music is so very important in my life. So consider what is playing on the radio as you drive along – when you set the radio to a certain station – be it country music or classical – that’s the music you’ll hear. So when you set your vibration to something positive rather than something unpleasant, that’s what you’ll get. When your vibration changes to a grateful one, you become more attuned to the rhythms of the universe and you’re able to attract that very positive energy into your life – as I said, spirituality in practice! Tune in to my latest episode to know more about my gratitude ritual.

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