The Cycle of Pain

Life is a cycle, from birth to death and onto the next journey. There are also many cycles within everyone’s life, unfortunately, a great many of them can be negative. Negative cycles are known as negative loop experiences. This is when you keep having experiences that seemingly repeat in your life over and over again, sometimes with different people, places, or things. Another negative cycle can be loop thinking, which is where your thought process gets stuck and your thoughts just keep repeating.

Negative loop thinking is akin to being a prisoner within your own thoughts and emotions. Such as when you start thinking that you aren’t good enough or you can’t accomplish something. These thoughts just keep circling in your mind, and eventually, you will come to think they have merit and you begin to believe them. This will lead to your emotions being affected and things such as anxiety and depression will begin to take over.

This cycle will negatively impact your life in very far-reaching ways. It may lead to you isolating yourself from those that believe in you and love you. You may find that you can't reach your goals as easily and when this happens the thoughts just get worse because it gives them validation. You think and feel bad emotions about yourself, so you begin to act without confidence. Which directly causes you to fail and when you fail you think those same things again. Thus a cycle has begun.

Another negative life cycle is within relationships, you may find you leave one relationship just to find another one with a different person which leads to the same problems you had with past relationships. This can be that you leave a toxic and abusive romantic relationship to find yourself in the same kind of relationship with a new person. This is because if you don’t change the cycle you search for the same things because that is what you know and are accepting Or say you are an extremely competent and diligent person at work, you leave one job for a new one because your boss and coworkers took advantage of that fact. Just to find yourself back in the same situation of being taken advantage of at your new job. These negative life cycles will keep you from achieving your dreams and make it hard for you to live a life full of vitality. 

Negative life cycles are extremely vicious because you get caught up in them and begin to think and feel like this is what you deserve. Your dreams will become a far-off thought that feels impossible. You feel surrounded by an ocean, only protected by an umbrella.

If you fall into a negative loop thinking or a negative loop experience you will find that your connection to the things that matter the most will become strained and you will start to lose the parts of yourself that you enjoy. Negative cycles need to be stopped in their tracks before you get stuck and cannot find your way out. It's time to stop your negative cycles. What negative cycle in your life will you stop next?

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