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Have you noticed a change in the way you dream and what you dream about, in recent times? Have your dreams become clearer, do they contain mysterious symbols, patterns or messages? What does all this mean? It is just a bunch of random nonsense as the mainstream media would have us believe, or do your dreams actually mean something? I believe your dreams could actually be sacred messages to your subconscious mind as so many holy books have indicated over time. They may actually be telling you about your own spiritual awakening as I explain in this video.

Do dreams carry messages?

Look at what the Bible and the Quran say about messages. Both holy books have many stories about dreams foretelling catastrophic events, and about visions that were actually commandments or calls to action. In fact, the Quran places great importance on dreams and says that the interpretation of dreams is at least as important as the dreams themselves. And when you have a dream that seems full of mysterious symbols and coded messages – vivid visions that trigger visceral emotions, you just know that there is more to dreams than society is telling us.  

Dreams have had a great significance even in the scientific community. It is said that the father of quantum mechanics, Niels Bohr, saw the structure of the atom in a dream. Albert Einstein famously dreamed about sledding down a mountainside faster than the speed of light, which, legend has it, was the basis for his developing Theory of Relativity.

While there are numerous stories about such prophetic or guiding dreams, it is often not possible to interpret dreams literally or to understand them in a linear form. They could be coded, complex, and may be speaking in the language of the soul. As such, dreams can be difficult to interpret.

How to record and interpret your dreams.

I believe that our dreams direct us towards our soul’s real purpose in life. The lucid dreams we have are a form of visualization – a kind of dreaming that alerts us to the spiritual aspect of our lives. Dreams help bring to the fore some of our deepest memories, hopes, and abilities that we may have secreted away in some corner of the brain to be forgotten and overlooked.

Dreams help us tear through the veil that shrouds our inner soul, and in a sense, they awaken us while we sleep. Dreams lead us to ask questions and understand certain things about people around us – whom to love and whom to fear. They foretell things to come and they nudge us in directions that we are supposed to take. They give us creative ideas that we may not have otherwise had.

So the next question would be, how do we make sense of our dreams – dreams that don’t seem to make a lot of sense on the face of it. Well, I have some tips that help interpret dreams that I use regularly. There is a self-care ritual that I use to record my dreams and I also use a symbol dictionary to understand what it is that my dreams are telling me. I also help my clients decode and understand their dreams. Check out this episode to know more about the sacred messages contained in dreams.

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