Signs You are Having a Spiritual Awakening!

At some point in life, there could be a churn or the undercurrent of a big change that seems to be looming. You may lose interest in some of the fun but trivial things that you enjoyed doing. You might even question some of the life choices you’ve made. You could feel, for instance, that your job now seems pointless and unsatisfying. On the other hand, you might seek more meaning in life, and you could find yourself becoming calmer and less confrontational. What could all of this mean? Watch this to know.

You may be experiencing spiritual symptoms of awakening.

The experiences that I just described are those of a young friend who had attended my workshops. She reached out to me again after nearly a year — wondering if she was having a breakdown or developing depression. For her, the changes were big and also a little scary.

  • I asked her if there had been some other changes: 
  • Was she spending more time out in nature? 
  • Was she now more attuned to people’s feelings and better able to detect inauthenticity? 

Was she now more empathetic towards others and keen to do something more meaningful in life? 

Yes, she said! 

For another one of my clients, it was vivid dreams at age 14. She didn’t know it then, but she was having visions of sacred geometry with a pattern, a flow. This was a significant foretelling of the spiritual changes that lay in store for her, but at the time it was all a little scary and overwhelming. She hid it all away for years until she finally opened up to me about it.

Such changes can seem seismic — a sort of life upheaval which can be startling but exhilarating as well. They are startling because they are different, but they are uplifting because they herald a new, spiritual journey… a revelation of a life that helps you connect to the universe and to realize your true purpose in life!  

Life is calling out to you!

Some of the times, the spiritual journey can seem to take you along new and unknown paths and these paths can seem to diverge from one’s religious faith. My own spiritual awakening seemed to be at odds with the catholic faith I was brought up in, simply because our priest used to question and reject the experiences I had been having. It was only later that I realized that spirituality and religion are not at all incompatible; that they are in fact complementary.

Spirituality is the process of tuning in to your highest truth, realizing your loftiest purpose, and truly connecting to that one universal power that guides us all. It is also what guides us to make the right choices, to help those that are less fortunate than us, to be truthful and upright in our dealings. Isn’t that what religion does as well? If you feel that you could be going through the spiritual symptoms of awakening, don’t miss this episode. I lay out the symptoms and signs, also share my experiences and those of my clients. You might well identify with these as being similar to your own!

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