Self Care for the Soul

alena chapman self care for the soul

I have been talking about the physical part of the body for years and I've been gradually moving along the holistic spectrum. You know, into the mental space, the emotional space, and in the last several weeks I have been talking about the Soul a lot.

For most people, even if you're in the field of healing or soul and energy work, it is a vast subject. 

I realize we wear many hats and we are busy doing so many things. So how do we know where to begin when healing the soul matters? 

First, when doesn't it matter? Seriously,  every time we have trauma and I am not ably speaking about the big traumas, like a war or an abusive relationship; It’s the smaller traumas that we had as kids. The bullying that we might have gone through, or maybe it was from our parents, or it the siblings that were constantly not accepting us. These events can cause a trauma response in us and become stored in our memory and body as trauma.

The life force Soul is called many, many things, but it's all the same life force that is within and all around us as aura. The thing is it is a life force. It is alive energy from the universe. It is the universe  and it does not need to stay with us. 

When we are misusing our life force or Soul in so many ways and  ignoring the small, loving voice of the soul and instead. allowing society and others to rule our decisions and our lives, too, the soul leaves. It's not totally our fault because we've been trained to be followers of our outside world. However, being a follower always puts us in very awkward situations, such as jobs that we really didn't want, marriages that we might not have wanted or we have outgrown, and we stay in them anyway. There are so many things that we do that can cause the soul to leave. However,  it comes down to us not listening to the Soul so the soul cannot accomplish why it is here. 

It's part of the human condition society has created. However, the real human condition is to really feel whole, to feel complete in one self, and also to unify the yin and the yang, the divine feminine with the divine male essence into one. This is the journey of our soul and is a lifelong thing.

Everything in the universe has polarity. It is one of the primary big or one of the first seven universal laws, and one of the founding principles for all life, creation …..Everything has been and continues to exist.

Both the divine feminine and divine masculine provide us with gifts. The divine feminine part of our soul is our imagination, our intuition, mothering, sexual, inspirational, peace, intuition, insight, and the psychic gifts. The divine masculine part of the soul is strength, planning, will and courage. Its purpose is bringing forward creation. You can see now how both parts of the soul work together in reaching into divinity itself.

Right now in our society, just the process of growing up can cause many of us to lose parts of the divine feminine. How many times have you heard, “ Oh, it's just women's intuition, “ right? All the time. Guys aren't allowed to have emotions. So, no one is aware of their divine feminine and divine masculine anymore. That's why so much of society's population exists in lower vibrations. People can be so greedy and self-righteous. There is so much depression, anxiety. People only live off of the lower part of their soul because their soul has only part of the divine feminine or divine masculine to draw insight and knowledge from. No one feels whole or complete within themselves. 

It was a six year, the year 2022. Six is the secret number of balance, harmony and relationships as well; it's the year to finally balance the masculine and feminine within. When we're missing a lot of the divine feminine, and we're hurting too because of a situation in our life, your soul is gonna say, “Well, screw this. You don't want your intuition, imagination, or insight” and leave. Losing parts of your soul will have you spiraling into depression, anxiety, loss of interest, fatigue, not following through with plans or goals, and just low level existing instead of living.

How can you call back your divine feminine and divine masculine? You’re going to have to call your soul back. Calling your soul back is the best self-care you can give yourself. First you have to find it, and then, bring it back to a safe space. It won’t come back unless you are in a safe place. Your inner world and your outer world must become the same. Some of my favorite ways to create a safe space for my soul that you may try are creating a daily gratitude journal, meditating, going for a walk or hike in nature, listening to music, and spending time with people you love.

Not everyone will feel comfortable at first, being whole with your whole soul. Some people have to take a few days to begin to feel comfortable because your emotions can be crazy for a little bit. Others may have feelings of uneasiness that could last for only a few hours. You could even get a surge of energy to do something and then you start to become emotional. Everyone is different.

The soul is your life force. The life force is energy. So we are energy. The soul is energy and energy never dies however, it does not stay where it is not wanted. When we get used to living without that part of our soul and then that part of our life force, the soul returns, it can cause a biological feeling in your hormones. If all of a sudden you're whole and you're not used to being whole, it's going to cause emotions with surges of energy.Some people get this incredible feeling of love; it all depends on the person. 

A client once gained her whole soul back and found herself going through a huge heavy metal detox. It took her a couple of weeks to fully integrate with her soul fully. Then she found that she got her little inner voice back - hearing her soul. Just remember, it takes time to integrate and then one day you will have your inner voice back, your imagination and your intuition, then you can start meditating and you get a vision because your divine feminine and divine masculine are back. You are now whole and can trust YOU!

I made a list of gifts that you can give yourself as a form of self-care, and to create a safe space for when you call your soul back:

  1. My books at
  2. Gratitude journal
  3. Yoga mat for meditating 
  4. Water bottle
  5. Headphones for listening to your favorite music
  6. Crystals
  7. Tarot cards
  8. Schedule a one on one with me, if you want to learn more or have a soul retrieval  

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