Science vs. Spirituality

Spirituality and science cannot coexist, right? They are antithetical to each other we were told – diametric opposites that could never meet, because where science ends spirituality begins. I have a different take on this. I believe that spirituality and science are not poles apart. They are not antithetical or in conflict with each other. In fact, there is much that is common in these two world views and they do support each other as I explain in this video.

The aims of science and spirituality are the same.

What is spiritual is also scientific. Consider this fact: when science cannot explain something, this is termed as an ‘anomaly’, whereas when spirituality cannot explain something, it is termed as a ‘miracle’.  However, both these are the result of the limits of the human mind and its ability to comprehend and interpret the great mysteries of the universe. This is the aim of both spirituality and science.

With science, we try to explain everything, predict everything and fit everything into the silos of limited knowledge that we have. With spirituality, we do still retain some of the wonder and the seeking and acknowledge that there is much that we don’t know and will perhaps never know.  We acknowledge both our own smallness and insignificance, as well as our immensity and our incredible ability to unite with the infinite universe. This is something that is too “Universe-Sized” as I call it, to be comprehended by the human mind. Gradually, science is also coming around to this way of thinking, having contemplated the limitless complexities of the universe.

Science is now embracing spirituality.

Consider this fact – just a decade ago, we couldn’t imagine an astrophysicist speaking in terms of parallel universes. Today we do. And now, the realms of the scientific and the spiritual are overlapping. Yoga is one example of a spiritual practice that scientists have embraced. The precise positions, limb movements, and breathing methods that the ancient sages had used to create this mind and body wellness system are seen as science-based today. Even astrology with its rules and accurate systems of prediction is considered to be a science now.

There are now numerous studies to show that meditation can help to improve surgical outcomes, cancer treatments, mental health issues, and healing in general. Scientists now recognize that meditation is one of the most effective bulwarks against the scourge of stress, which underlies so much of modern disease. Meditation can lower blood pressure, ease anxiety and depression, improve sleep, and enhance energy levels. What is this, if it is not a confluence of the spiritual and the scientific!

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