From Scarcity to Abundance

Scarcity. It’s a word that brings fear, a word that most people would do anything to keep from happening. Whether it’s monetary, love, affection, hope, or just the things people need to survive this world, lacking any of these can cause strife. But no one is more determined not to experience scarcity than those who already have and are completely unwilling to do without once again. 

Some children that grow up living in households that withhold love and affection become adults that give both love and affection in abundance. They become adults who search for the people that will love them the most. Scarcity of love and affection can lead to people that don’t understand that they deserve to be cherished just as they are. Leading to acceptance of toxic relationships, and allowing toxic behavior in their life just to keep the small amounts of affection and belonging. People that have had small amounts of both love and affection need to look and find the people in their lives that will love them without question. Only accepting the people that actually treasure and will appreciate them in their lives. Thus leading to an abundance of the heart.  

Hope, self-confidence, faith, and belief. All feelings that a person can have a huge shortage. Living a life with this type of scarcity can cause an untold amount of emotional issues. Having a scarce amount of self-confidence can lead to never trying new things, not going out for new opportunities, and not believing that one can actually achieve their dreams. A lack of hope can cause a person to just exist because hope is what allows us to believe that anything is possible. If you don’t have hope for the present or hope for the future it might mean you’re just going through the motions never reaching for balance in your life. Everyone needs to believe in something whether it’s yourself, a higher power, friends, family, or anything really. Belief is a personal choice, but if you don’t have it in something you may question why you’re even here. What exactly your purpose is. Sometimes all you need to do is reach out to an individual that has these to spare, and maybe let them believe in you so that you can believe in yourself.  Finding the strength to look outside of yourself to gain the power to be self-confident, to hope, and believe in the world will only bring you closer to having an abundance of these feelings. 

The world is full of people. Every single one is unique and special. Unfortunately, every single one has hardships just as unique as they are. Maybe they grew up always wondering when their next meal would be. Or they grew up never worrying about monetary things but now as an adult are struggling to put a roof over their family’s heads. Others have the confidence and belief to reach for the stars, while some are too afraid of the failure of their dreams. Some kids get love and some kids don’t. That’s kind of how the world works, some have a scarcity while others have an abundance. I think it’s time that those of us who have an abundance of anything reach out to those we know that have a scarcity in that and share. At the end of the day, we are all the same. Unique people just living their lives to the best of their abilities.

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