The Power of Therapy for Mind, Body, and Spirit

Mind, body, and soul; are three parts that make a whole you. Each one is just as important and necessary to living a complete, healthy, and powerful life. What happens though when one of the three or multiple for that matter is unhealthy and suffering? Well, unfortunately, it usually means that everything else gets dragged down. If you are feeling soul weary, then neither your mind nor your body will be at your best and vice versa. It’s a bit like a puzzle with one small middle piece that’s been lost, it’s still pretty and there but not complete. So, what can help, well therapy of course but not just any therapy; Holistic Therapy.

Holistic therapy is a talk therapy similar to regular therapy but it’s healing for the person as a whole; mind, body, and spirit. Holistic psychology is about the idea that the biological, sociocultural, and psychological aspects are ingredients that combine together to form a whole person. This basically means that you cannot separate one from the other and still remain complete, every individual needs every component to live a full healthy life.

There are many conditions that holistic therapy may benefit as well as overall better mental and physical health. If you are mentally and emotionally healthy that will make it entirely easier for you to remain or become physically healthy. You must start somewhere. Holistic therapy can help with stress, depression, chronic pain, social communication, trauma, or addiction. For an example of how holistic therapy works; trauma can not only manifest in your emotions but also manifests physically. It can cause poor sleep, appetite, and digestive issues. Using holistic techniques can help someone get to the root cause of trauma and allow an individual to heal from it. When you heal mentally, you then heal emotionally, and then physically.

Don’t be afraid, holistic therapy is provided by licensed therapists, and as with all therapists, the patient's comfort and safety is of the utmost importance. The holistic therapist may use many different techniques to help provide an intense self-awareness along with also using many alternative types of therapy. Some of the techniques can be mindful meditation, tai chi, breathwork, meditation, and guided imagery. A few of the alternative methods that might be used are art therapy, massage, and movement therapy. The end goal is to focus on the person’s needs on every level.

There are many benefits to choosing to heal using holistic treatment. The first being it's beneficial to both your mental and physical health such as through the deep breathing technique that can decrease stress thus allowing relaxation. Also, many mindfulness and meditation methods can be used in everyday life outside of therapy. Another way it can aid you is through coping mechanisms that you learn in therapy, these will be of use in every factor of your life. Last but not least is that with this whole body approach you look at all parts of your own being. Instead of just focusing on the issue or disease, you and your therapist will focus on you as a whole; your physical, mental, and spiritual health.

There is power in not focusing on just a diagnosis, but in allowing yourself to heal completely. Focus on your mind, body, and spirit and you will find that you can be entirely healthy and powerful in all aspects of your life.

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