Meet Your Inner Divine

Does the thought of meditation invoke images of saffron-clad saints by the Ganges, or yogis with dreadlocks high up in the Himalayas? Meditation isn’t just for those ascetics living a life of renunciation or those who have relinquished the trappings of modern life. It is for you and me, living our regular lives. It is a way to access your spirit and connect to your inner divine. It is a universal spiritual practice that is all-embracing, cutting across religious denominations. It is a way to slow down, pause, take stock, and actually examine where you really want to go in this busy life that seems to hurtle nowhere at breakneck speed.

Benefits of meditation.

As a teacher of meditation, I have seen the many ways in which meditation has helped change and improve lives. It increases self-awareness to help us understand our real dreams and creative potential. We learn how to cope in stressful situations with greater equanimity, and problem-solving comes more naturally to us. It helps us become more mindful to remain present within the moment; to live and enjoy each instant more fully. We become calmer, more relaxed, and are able to cope better.

There is evidence to show that meditation can actually change the brain. Studies have demonstrated that mindfulness meditation can reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, as well as pain. Meditation is also seen to enhance areas of the brain connected to learning, memory, regulation of emotions, and self-referential processing. Meditation is used along with standard treatment protocols for cancer to help manage pain and fatigue, improve mood, and help patients sleep better.

Guided meditation is easier than you think.

People think of meditation as sitting around and doing nothing, or they think of it as a complex and difficult process that takes years to master. Well, it is that but it is so much more! Meditation is about focusing within yourself – it is like taking a staircase deep into yourself, as I like to describe it! With a little help, you can learn to meditate in a way that helps you focus your mental and spiritual energies to become calmer, more relaxed, more intuitive, and creative. Quite simply, you start to know and understand yourself better!

In my experience, meditation is a way to gain insight into why we make the choices that we do and the behavior patterns that often misguide those choices. With the help of meditation, we understand what we really want, without the influence of what others around us want from us. You can shed the toxic relationships and the negative thought patterns to discover a newer, happier, more creative you! Via Soul Manifesto, I have helped numerous people experience abundance, happiness, and fulfillment. Meditation is a big part of this. I teach people how to remain calm, confident, and to silence that inner critic that keeps us fearful and hesitant.

Meditating for just a few minutes a day can have many positive impacts. Watch this guided meditation video where I take you through the process step by step. I explain how the breathing process helps you expel the stress, and how it can feel as though the whole head is full of light and love. The sonorous but gentle, steady sound of the drum helps enhance the whole experience. If you haven’t tried meditation yet, check out my guided meditation video to create a positive change in your life starting today.

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