Lost in Life and Without a Map

Life is an adventure we all have to navigate. What’s an adventure without a treasure map of some sort? In life some will have an extensive step-by-step plan, others will have their goals planned, and some will just let life happen to them. Each one has its pros and cons but there are many cons in stepping out into our world without a guide. 

Navigating your life with a plan does not mean you have to have absolutes or that you aren’t open to new experiences or change. It means you are traversing your existence with purpose. After all, remembering to manifest one’s goals is about aligning your mindset, actions, and dreams to succeed.

What are the consequences of not having a next-step life plan? 

  • You let life happen to you. In other words, you go with the flow a very whatever happens will happen type of viewpoint. While it’s always a great idea to be open and flexible, this mindset will be a detriment to achieving your goals. Your flow/path needs to fit your journey on all fronts: the spiritual, the professional, and the relationships. 
  • Lack of confidence. Without the next step, your life may feel like it’s at a standstill. This can cause you to lose confidence because you feel stuck and like you are not achieving anything. While confidence mostly comes from within it also comes from experiencing your capabilities with success. When you lose confidence in yourself you begin to have a lack of faith in all that is around you; making living a whole life difficult. 
  • Loss of focus and distractions. Without an idea for your next move, you’ll find that it’s easy to lose focus and you’ll stop working hard to get what you want. You’ll be easier to distract by trivial matters that are usually easily dealt with. Instead, they will become a roadblock to your aspirations.  
  • Motivation. When you complete a step on your life plan you feel accomplished which motivates you to stay on your chosen path. But if you don’t have targets planned out you won’t get that sense of accomplishment when you hit them. It’s like positive reinforcement, for every small goal you fulfill on your path to bigger goals the more motivation you feel. You need motivation to have success in your purpose. 
  • Balance will be difficult. When you create an outline of your goals and needs for your life, you can see what you need to do to achieve this. This allows you to create a balance between all aspects of your life. For example, between work, relationships, family, and time for yourself. Without balance, you cannot live a complete life. Having no plan means finding balance will be much harder. Being a complete YOU takes a great deal of balance. You need to be able to be settled spiritually, mentally, psychologically, and socially. 

There are so many ways to have a fulfilled life, especially since each one of us is unique. But a fulfilled life is not most of the time not found by accident. It’s gained by despising what your life purpose is and then creating your map to that purpose. Without this map, you’ll find navigating your journey quite difficult.

Life is a treasure so draw your map and get your bounty. 

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