Life-Changing Spirituality Goals

What does spirituality mean to you? For some of us, spirituality is about creating that connection with the almighty. For some, it is about attaining peace and contentment in life. For yet others, it is about striving to be a better person. So when my students, clients, and workshop attendees ask me about spirituality goals, I have a different answer for each person.

Spirituality goals – different strokes for different folks.

Let’s think about a person living in sub-Saharan, where we see some of the worst food security situations in the world. This person may have trouble just finding the next meal for themselves and their family; clothing and shelter may be even more difficult. Obviously, the spiritual goals of such a person would be very different from, say mine. I have the luxury of looking for divine beauty, peace, and transcendentalism in my life. This is because not only are my basic needs looked after but because I’m secure, loved, prosperous and successful in my life.

Maslow’s Pyramid of the Hierarchy of Human Needs illustrates why this is so. Human beings can only move on to the next level when their basic needs have been met. Once food, shelter, and clothing are taken care of, a person looks for security, then belonging and love, and so on. This also explains why we have such diverse spiritual goals: each of us may be at different stages in our life. The experiences that shape us and inform our reality may be very different. It is only when we overcome our baser impulses and rise above our more frivolous concerns that we can truly start down that spiritual path.

Spirituality goals are a progression, not a destination.

The spiritual pursuit is a process, not just one single aim. When you set off along this path, it will be a lifelong journey or a progression rather than a linear movement towards one particular goal. The ancient wisdom of some traditions believes that just one lifetime isn’t enough to achieve the spiritual plane; true spiritual growth comes only over several lifetimes. For this to happen, the soul has to reach a level of equanimity or acceptance. You cannot force this to happen. It is a natural evolution. In this episode, I explain how you can make small, incremental improvements towards this spiritual evolution with some practical examples.

Say, for instance, one of your spiritual goals is to declutter. One of my clients wanted to accomplish this not just for her external environment but her inner landscape as well. I was able to guide her to do this over a Zoom call – would you believe it?! It was a step-by-step process for her, and at the end of it, she was able to make so many positive changes to her life. She leaned into her goals with an open heart and she did the work!

If you’d like to articulate and work towards your own spirituality goals, make a start now! Think about today and how you’re different today than you were yesterday. Set yourself small targets and take baby steps. Watch this episode to know how you can make your spirit more open and attuned to joy and growth.

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