Letting Go of the Struggle

There is never a moment when we do not deal with struggle. Every day we wake up and some of our first thoughts are what we are struggling with; relationships, bills, jobs, kids, emotions, diseases, past trauma, or all of the above. How many times have you been completely happy with your life and then something big or small happens and all that negativity rushes back in and you feel like you’re back at square one? Maybe it’s not about the struggles though, maybe it should be about how they’re let go and the ability to let life go on.

I think it all goes back to the adage that states “When one door closes another door opens”. Every disappointment can lead to happiness if you let it. It’s all in the mindset. Unfortunately, most humans were raised in the struggle mindset. Always worried about the next bad thing and never enjoying the small happy moments. So, what do you do? You let go. Sounds simple but it’s the exact opposite. Our brains are trained to see the bad because we expect that bad.

A very important part of getting yourself out of the struggle mindset is mindfulness. Mindfulness not only leads to a better understanding of yourself but it’s the practice of focusing on the present moment that can help you defeat the struggle attitude. If you focus on the now and take the time to see the good in every moment. For example, kids, while they are loved, just so happen to be big stressors, but if you were to focus on the now your outlook will change. Don’t focus on the mess they made that will have to be cleaned up later but focus on the love you feel for them. Or another example could be that you have to pay rent while bills are a definite struggle, instead focus on the memories you’ll look back on that you built in that house. The stories you’ll tell when you’re old about the time you burnt dinner or had a house party. No, this won't make the issue you are struggling with go away but will allow you to look at the situation in a more positive and accepting way.

Another way to help with letting go would be to center yourself. Once you are strong within yourself you can see and think with more clarity. Clarity will bring the realization that you can allow life to follow its course and that every road stop isn’t a blockage in your journey but rather a detour. A detour can bring you something that you would never have found on your own. For example, you lose a job in your chosen career to then stumble upon one that you absolutely love but would never have even thought of.

Struggle is a word that we all know and experience every day of our lives. Most of us let it rule our every decision, thought, action, and sometimes our very lives. There comes a point in time when we all need to stop the struggle cycle. It’s time to stand up and choose to let the struggle go and decide that life is about happiness not strife.

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