Leaving the Darkness

Why is it so easy to get caught up in our own sad stories? We have happy stories too, but the sad stories are often the ones that we wind up allowing to define us. The darkness of the past can so quickly seep into our today, and our tomorrow. Some of us have had quite a history, and it’s not easy to just set that history down and turn our eyes toward a better tomorrow. Of course, we realize we’d be better off if we could move forward without letting those memories alter our perceptions of ourselves, and others. It just isn’t that easy.

It’s a darkness that can grow, and overshadow our accomplishments, and even blind us from recognizing how far we’ve come, and how much good we have in our lives. There’s so much we have to be grateful for! The darkness may not be there everyday, but it’s funny how it shows up during times when we most need to be at our best. The fear of something going wrong when our hopes are high, summons that old darkness to come rolling in like a storm. So how do we leave it behind once and for all? That’s what this episode is all about! Providing you with some simple tools, to take the baby steps that lead away from the darkness. First of all, we need to understand that leaving that darkness isn’t going to happen all at once. It’s baby steps, and we don’t need to completely cut it out of our lives in order to feel better now, in the present moment.

The truth about the ominous darkness, that foreboding fear that whispers all the worst case scenarios into our ears—It feels like a force within us that’s working against us when in fact the opposite is true! That darkness is actually a defense mechanism. An old, misguided defense mechanism that says, “You’ve been hurt before, go back now or you may be hurt again!” And even though the purpose is to protect you—That darkness, it really doesn’t give very good advice. It’s small, and it wants to keep you small and hidden, but Spirit wants us to grow, expand, and embrace new experiences, come what may! So we have this painful internal struggle going on within us: the warnings of the past pulling us downward to keep us small and unseen in the dark, and the urging of our souls to keep creating and growing upward, bravely toward the light.

It’s not a monster, this darkness. It’s more like a frightened child who needs reassurance that there are no monsters. And you know what? Even if there are monsters, we now have the strength and the fortitude to face them head on! We forget that, don’t we? That our past experiences make us stronger and more capable of overcoming future difficulties. Join me for today’s episode, and let’s dive further into gaining some simple techniques for moving away from the lingering darkness of the past, and in love, and with gentle guidance, together we can help ourselves be present, grateful, bold and curious about what awaits us in the future! Namaste

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