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I know of people who obsessively sanitize stuff right now — stuff that comes from the store and delivered packages are thoroughly sprayed and left untouched for days before being used. People are scrupulous about mask-wearing and hand washing and distancing protocols. They take every possible precaution and yet they are anxious and overwrought all the time! Some of this anxiety is because there is much that we don’t understand about the COVID pandemic. Some of this is because of all the misinformation we are constantly bombarded with. So, how do we overcome all this stress? Is it even possible to find calm in all of this chaos? Happily, I can say ‘yes’ in answer to those questions. I am about to share with you the techniques that you can use, which I successfully use each day to find my core of calm in the churn of daily chaos:

Take back your control.

The reason why so many of us feel so upset and anxious and just crazy right now is because we feel out of control. We feel as though we are living the life that someone else ordained for us, a life that we didn’t choose. And this can be a scary feeling – I know this because I have experienced it before, and found ways to deal with it. I have learned how to center and calm myself, and how to regain that all important control in life. Here’s what you can do to regain control and get rid of that feeling of life just spiraling out of control.

At a time when we feel as though we are being bombarded with information and misinformation, we need to regain control of what we let touch and affect our lives. You can only sift the useful from the superfluous when you feel in control of your thoughts, actions and feelings. So how do you do that?

Create your rituals.

As I say repeatedly in my transformational Soul Manifesto program, building positive rituals is one of the keys to success. My rituals are rituals of peace and play – you have to find peace, yes, but you don’t have to suck the fun out of it. In all things, there must be a playful aspect, the sense of fun! So, each morning I create my morning connection – and you can too. My morning ritual is something that works for me, there could be a different set of actions that will work for you.

The key is to create a ritual that helps you get into a positive frame of mind — lifts your vibrations as I call it. Secondly, this ritual should help you connect to an energy that is bigger and higher than yourself. Thirdly, this is the ritual that helps clarify and articulate your intention or goal for the day. This is what gives you the purpose to go in swinging, conquering your day and living it on your terms!

Join me as I explain more about why creating your own positive ritual is important, and how rituals of peace and play effectively help you regain control.

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