It's Not Selfish

Today, I wanted to bring something up to you that I’ve been noticing in myself, and I didn’t like it. I’m going to bring it up to you guys, hoping that what I have experienced will help you further in your own growth. I thought it might be a good idea. What I’m talking about is: Putting ourselves first.

You know, it’s so funny when we say we want to put ourselves first. People get an image of selfishness. Or they can sometimes react in a way that is like, “How dare you?” My mom used to do that to me, you know— the whole, “who do you think you are, missy?” 

You see, we’re often not raised to put ourselves first. We’re just not. We’re raised to please other people with what we say and do from the time we are very little. I’m talking about when we’re just learning the skills from one to five. Then when we go to school, we’re pleasing teachers, we’re pleasing our friends… It’s not really people-pleasing, because it feels like we don’t deserve to honor ourselves. People-pleasing is reaping a reward off of pleasing other people. It may give us our self-worth when we don’t put ourselves first. That’s not what it’s about at all. We just put everybody else as a more important matter than ourselves. 

When I decided that I needed to stop putting other people first, I was a mom, and I found myself not becoming a very good mom. I was always, always putting everybody else’s needs above my own. I was ignoring what was going on in my body. I was ignoring what was going on in my health. I was ignoring what was going on in my mind because everybody else came first, and everybody had demands of me. I had to set up events constantly. I had to be the perfect mom. I had to be the perfect wife. I had to look the perfect way. And everybody’s expectation, and everybody’s demand on a daily basis…that was my whole focus. 

How many of us do that with our jobs, our mates, our children, our parents, our friends? How many of us really put everybody else above our own needs?

Putting ourselves first is probably the most important step we can take, and to learn more you should check out this week’s episode

Because not only does it open us up, but in the beginning, it actually gives us this incredible feeling of listening to ourselves, of helping ourselves really listen to our intuition, and listen to our wonderful body. Maya Angelou always said that we have an incredible sacred place in ourselves that we need to guard. It is our total inner essence. 

I think this week, guys, it’s time to put yourself first! Watch today’s episode for some wonderful insight and actionable techniques to help you along the way.

Also, I want to hear from you. I want to hear it because it’s important. And I want you to have a voice. And if you do the exercises, let me know how they work. What did you find? What’s your next move? I really want to hear from you. Because I want to see that there is some growth or some want for taking back that power you have. It’s important. Please leave your comments. Let me know where you’re at, or if you have questions because I’ll answer them. Okay, have a wonderful day. Namaste.

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