Inviting Abundance and Love into your Life

Living an abundant life full of love sounds like an amazing dream. An idea that could seem to be a lofty and unattainable goal. It’s not. Living an abundant life doesn’t mean that you’re the richest person or that you have it all. An abundant life is experiencing life in its abounding fullness of joy and strength for spirit, soul, and body. Same with having a life full of love, this doesn’t almost mean romantic, love comes in many forms. 

Let’s start with inviting abundance into our lives. It’s not enough just to want it, you have to open your mind, body, and soul up to have this experience. Nothing is worth having if you don’t have to put meaning into it. To start with, have gratitude for what you already have, don’t overlook what is in the now just because you want more for the future. Next, become a dreamer. Everything has to start somewhere, why not in your mind and heart? If you can dream it you can achieve it. Retrain your mindset, and open it to the possibilities. Stop doubting every situation and opportunity. Make your mindset see the good and the probable chances that you have to succeed. They are there. Construct a reality that is empowering to your goals. This means that your reality is built on what you believe. For example, if you believe you can then you can. Empower your reality to reflect what you want, believe that you can achieve this and you will. 

This next step is incredibly important to stop making excuses. What you do and who you are is ultimately responsible for your future. So quit putting energy into making excuses on why you can’t. Put that energy into believing in yourself. Then comes realizing your potential. Remember we are all full of limitless potential. The only limits we have are those we put on ourselves. Now this will come as no surprise if you’ve read past posts. Manifest. Manifest. Manifest. Manifest those dreams, and see the opportunities to attain a spiritual and well-rounded abundant life. Commit to your dreams and beliefs. Put your all into them and success will follow. 

Now onto inviting love into your life. The most important part is that you will never believe in the love others have for you if you do not first love yourself. If you do not see yourself as worthy to accept love then you will not feel love. Many ways to open your heart to self-love and love from others are meditation, positive affirmations, leaning into your spiritual beliefs, and grounding yourself in the now.  Meditate and connect with your soul, choose the kind of love that you need. Then do not accept less. Positive affirmations every day will remind you that you deserve to have your love needs met. Your spiritual beliefs will guide you on a fulfilling path to loving yourself and accepting love from others. Ground yourself. Be in the now, and get rid of the negativity from past relationships that made you doubt or dislike yourself. Those don’t matter. The present matters. Remember that love comes in all forms. It’s the shared joke with a family member, the hug of a child, the intimacy of a couple, and my favorite the knowledge that no matter what crazy thing you say your best friend will always be your best friend. 

If you only take away one thing from this. It should be that to invite abundance and love into your life, first, you should know that you are absolutely deserving. You are worthy.

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