Identifying Transformation Spirituality

What I want to speak about today is a deeply personal and deeply transformational experience about finding my spiritual guide. And I’m going to tell you about some of the signs that you might be experiencing if you are going through your spiritual transformation. Hopefully, this will help you understand when these changes start to show up in your life. I want to help you identify these changes for what they truly are — your transformation spirituality. And when you see this happening with you, you will know that it might be time to connect with your own spiritual guide or angel or any of the other spiritual beings that will help you with this transformation, this spiritual experience.

Transformation spirituality & the shamanic journey.

Significant life changes could be happening around you – a relationship may be ending, you may have a strange animal encounter, or your garden may be responding differently. Things that worked for you earlier may no longer seem to work or even be relevant. However, you may find that you now have an instinctual ability to create solutions and find creative ways to resolve problems. So what is really going on?

Well, it could be that you’re on the path to a spiritual awakening – a journey you knew you were always meant to make. Maybe this is the time for you to identify those changes for what they are – a part of your transformation spirituality. It may now be time for you to connect to your angel or your guide. Maybe you’re ready for that shamanic journey of your own! In this episode, I share a hilarious story about my own shamanic journey. It is about a powerful animal called Fred and a spiritual guide named Joan!

Communicating with your guide.

The shamanic journey is a way for a person to be transported to a higher realm. This is a deliberate, intentional process that will lead you to your guide. The process and the experience may be very different for you than it was for me, however, in each case, it leads you to a higher and conversely a deeper understanding of your own self.

You could invite your guide to come to you in any space you find comfortable – a room, a garden, or any other space you like. When your guide comes to you, they will manifest in any of several different ways: via visions, sounds, or even in a tactile form. These are all just different ways for your spiritual guide to communicate with you.

Sometimes your transformation spirituality could feel like something bad is about to happen. However, even that change may be for the better; a blessing in disguise! For instance, the end of a toxic relationship can feel bad, but it can also be like a release, like freedom. You feel like you can now live life on your own terms – you can breathe, you can be! You learn more about yourself and you grow as a person. You finally decide that you don’t have to live by the rules others set for you. Your own emotional evolution is a part of your spiritual journey where there is the release of tension and the acceptance of peace.

There could be these changes around you – routines, sleep patterns, your friends, things you enjoy. Some that may even make you uncomfortable for a while – don’t worry! These are just a part of the evolution of your spirit – a part of your spiritual journey. After all, discomfort is a part of growth! Watch this episode to help navigate through your own process of transformation spirituality. 

You can also connect with me if there was something here that made you go A-ha! 

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