How to Get in the Zone of Flow

Do you know how to get into the Zone of Flow? I’m talking about that place when productivity feels like a breeze, and nothing can break your focus. It’s a place of harmony, where you feel certain you are exactly where you are supposed to be and you are doing exactly what you meant to be doing. Imagine if we could feel that way everyday!

I used to only feel that way sometimes, and I couldn’t plan when or where the Zone of Flow would swoop me up and take me for the amazing ride. I knew it would come to me often while I was journaling, or working on a creative hobby like singing, and afterwards I would always think, “Wow, if only I could take that fun and that focus and bottle it! I’d be unstoppable!” There are definitely times during the day when we could use the Zone of Flow, but it doesn’t always come naturally.

This week’s episode is all about finding your own unique formula for tapping into the Zone of Flow, not just when inspiration strikes, but anytime you really need it. We enter that Zone of Flow by becoming fully present. When we are working on a creative project we are narrowing our focus onto the tiniest details on the page, or the canvas, or the project. When we find ourselves in the Zone of Flow, it’s because, for whatever reason, we’ve committed our entire selves over to small details that are right in front of us in the present moment. It is like a meditation when you take extreme care with tiny details. We are treating these moments as sacred, by investing our entire selves into the minutiae of the moment. Now, when you think of that total commitment of focus as the entryway into the Zone of Flow, most of us can see why we don’t often feel like we are in the zone!

Throughout the day we do so many things that don’t require our undivided attention, and our minds are so prone to wandering, or trying to multitask. We could be using our hands to do dishes, but using our minds to go over everything we need to do before tomorrow. During those times we aren’t in the zone, we aren’t treating doing the dishes as a sacred act. Instead we are just going through the motions, and doing the dishes can seem to take forever. We may even feel a bit anxious because we just want one task to be done already, so we can get through the rest of our checklist. We can go days upon days like this, just grinding through our task lists, without ever feeling the Zone of Flow. So how do we get out of our heads and into the zone?

Let’s go back to doing dishes. Let’s slow down and start there. The water is warm, and it’s soothing to hear running water. The dish soap bubbles are soft and they smell nice. A tray full of sparkling clean dishes is satisfying and you know the next time you need those dishes they will be there for you. That is comforting to know, and it’s a loving gesture you are making toward yourself and your family. Focus in on the tiniest details of doing the dishes, and you make the act a sort of sacred practice. Before you know it you are no longer a million miles away, you are exactly where you belong. In your kitchen, in the moment, with nothing pulling you in ten different directions. You are doing the dishes, and nothing else. That is the Zone of Flow, and when you implement it during these everyday tasks, you are practicing being in the zone. You are becoming more familiar with how to call that zone into being, and you are becoming more adept at transitioning from the blur of a busy day into the razor focused mindset of being in the moment.

Watch today’s episode to dive deeper into how to summon the Zone of Flow, by treating each moment as sacred. The more we practice being present, the more skilled at it we become! Every moment is a gift, an opportunity to practice entering the Zone of Flow. Thank you so much for taking these moments, and spending them with me. I definitely feel like the time I spend with the Soul Manifesto community is sacred!

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