How to Connect with Your Spiritual Guides

Just last week, I was talking to a friend of mine, and she was struggling just in general with her emotional health. She was having a hard week, you know? She doesn’t enjoy working from home, but her office still hasn’t opened all the way up yet. Her daughter was supposed to go back to school, but now they are going back to virtual learning instead. She really wants to move out of the home where she lived with her now-ex-husband, but the divorce isn’t final…she’s just feeling really exhausted and overwhelmed with life right now, you know what I mean? So we meet for lunch, and she’s telling me, “Oh Alena, I just feel so alone right now. I’m glad I’m not with my ex anymore, you know that! But even still, I was used to having someone there. I get so lonely, and I can’t let my daughter see it. She’s going through her own feelings about the divorce, and I want to support her. And I can’t really talk to my mom about it, because she just tries to fix it, you know? And that’s not what I need right now either…”  So I asked her, “Have you asked for help from your Spiritual Guides?” My friend already has a spiritual belief system of her own, so she asks me, “What do you mean? You mean my angels?”  

“Yes!” I told her, “That’s exactly what I mean, your angels, or your spirit guides, your guardians— whatever you want to call them. Have you asked them to show you a sign that you’re on the right path?” And I could tell she was a little skeptical, and she laughed and said, “Show me a sign? Come on Alena, you know that Disney princess, birds-coming-to-perch-on-your-finger type stuff only happens to you.”

And I laughed, but I wasn’t gonna let her off the hook that easily, and so I insisted to her, “No it absolutely does NOT just happen to me! Everyone has Spiritual Guides, seriously! Ask them for a sign. Your daughter is with her grandma today, so you have some time—go out into nature and ask your angels for a sign that they are with you. I dare you.” She says, “Yeah, and then I go and do that and whatever— I see a butterfly, or a ladybug, or something like that and it’s like, ‘oh I guess that’s my sign.’ But it isn’t going to be something SO obvious that I can’t just write it off as coincidence.” So I tell her, “Then ask for something obvious! I bet you lunch next week that if you ask your angels for a clear sign that you can’t just write off—to let you know they are with you and you are on the right path, that your angels will come through.” So, after a little bit more push back, she finally took my bet.

She went home, grabbed her beach towel, threw on her flip flops, and headed to the lake. Two hours later she calls me sobbing. Here’s what told me:

So I went like you said, out into nature. I sat on my towel and asked my angels to show me a sign that they were there, and I told them, ‘I need it to be something obvious, something I can’t just write off.’ And I just sat quietly and took some deep breaths and felt the sun on my face. Which honestly felt GREAT, and it was something I really needed, so I was already planning to get lunch next week. But after a while, I got too hot, so I waded out in the water up to my knees and I was just looking around kind of thinking, ‘alright angels—show me something.’ And you know I wasn’t really expecting to see anything, but I thought I noticed a strange shimmer in the water. But I wasn’t too sure, so I said out loud, kind of joking, right? I said, “Nuh-uh, angels. That doesn’t work. I need something more clear than that because that could have been anything.” And then I went back to my towel feeling a little crazy, hoping no one heard me talking to myself. I sat back down and looked out, and that’s when I saw it: There was a big beautiful white feather stuck to my foot. It must have drifted onto me while I was in the water. And she started to cry again, and then I started to cry. And I love how, because she calls her Spiritual Guides her angels, that they sent her a sign she associates with angels. Isn’t that incredible? A beautiful white feather. It was such a beautiful moment, that I didn’t say I told you so—but you know, I told her so. And now I’m telling you:

If you need a sign that you aren’t alone, that you’re on the right path, or if you need help solving a difficult problem, or even if you just can’t find your keys—connecting with your spiritual guides can really be as simple as getting quiet and just asking for a sign. You know, they are there to help you, and they love you, and if you need them to make it easy for you to find them, just ask! They aren’t trying to hide from you at all, they want to be found! So there really isn’t some secret trick or hidden path to connect with your Spirit Guides. They are always there for you. They are always listening, and they are more than happy to make it easy for you to reach them.

You can do EXACTLY what my friend did, or your own version of it: Just go out into nature, get still and ask for a sign—so that’s the first way that I suggest you connect your Spiritual Guides.

And here are 2 more simple ways to connect with your Spiritual Guides: Meditation

Deep within us, there is a calm and gentle place that remembers we are spiritual beings who are here to have a human experience. And this special place is untouched and unfazed by all the maddening details of human life. Meditation is the path to finding this place within ourselves, and that is a very powerful way to speak back-and-forth with your Spiritual Guides. I actually lead a meditation that is specifically meant for journeying to this sacred place within. It’s what we do together on the first day of the 7-Day Reset to Reclaim Your Inner Peace, which is this awesome program we have at Soul Manifesto.

And the one more simple way to connect with your Spiritual Guides is: Write Them Letters

You can do this in a journal, or if you’d like, you can write them actual letters. But you start them out, “Dear Spiritual Guides, or guardian angels, or spirit animals, or whatever works for you…” And then you just tell them anything you need to get off your chest and ask them for help for anything you are struggling with. There is no request too great or small. You can be specific, in fact, the more specific the better! Don’t ask them for a clear path to a better job, ask them for a clear path to exactly the job you want! Don’t ask them for a nice partner. Describe in great detail exactly what you want in a relationship. You can also ask them about themselves. You can ask them to reveal their names to you, or even ask them how they know you.  

A little heads up for you, so you can prepare yourself for this: You may feel a bit stunned by the results, because these techniques do work, and it does feel like magic. It’s a peek into a higher realm. When you connect with your Spiritual Guides, you are peeling back the veil between the earthly realm and the spiritual one, and when you get that glimpse, it can be a shock at first. But it’s beautiful, and it’s amazing, and it’s a realm that is every bit as much your home as Earth, if not even more so! You are welcome there, and it is safe to see beyond the veil.

And if you’d like to try a guided Shamanic journey with me, I can show you how to connect with your spiritual guides right now. You can find these guided journeys available for you on my YouTube channel.

Thank you again, so much for giving me this opportunity, and thank you to your Spiritual Guides for leading you here to learn more about how to connect with them! Don’t forget to click the link to find out more about Soul Manifesto, and the 7-Day Reset! You’ll love it, and I love you—and always remember that anywhere you find love, you are with Spirit. Because Love is Spirit, and Spirit is Love. Namaste.

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