How Spirituality Changes Your Destiny

The spiritual journey is what helps you connect with your highest self, and that alone changes your destiny. This journey will help you to understand and grow without the inner critic holding you down. Every human is on a spiritual journey whether they are conscious of it or not. Because all of us are evolving every second of our lives, from the cellular level to the spiritual level. It can make you feel vulnerable but it can also make you feel powerful if you choose it to. If you are experiencing any signs of a spiritual transformation, let me share with you a simple way to enjoy the process with grace and a sense of fun

I have been on a spiritual journey my entire life. I have known this since I was a little girl because of the experiences I had. I feel that each one of us is on a spiritual journey; whether or not we realize it! Spirituality changed my life in so many ways – it alerted me to my higher calling in life, it helped me manifest my own creativity, and it helped me help so many others do the same!

My spiritual experiences.

I was a curious child with a lot of unusual questions. I wanted to know whether the willow tree outside my window was tall because it was trying to reach God. I would look up at the sky and ask, God, are you there? And then one day, an angel came to me when I was just about 7 years old – and told me that it was time for me to accept my gift. “You will receive the gift of being able to take lost souls that come to you and open the light to help them live in it,” the angel told me.

I didn’t know it then, but this was a revelation that was to direct the course of my life later on. At the time, my mother would try to tell me that I had been dreaming it all. Our priest was even more repressive – he scolded me for having an overactive imagination and told my mom that I had to be ‘tamed’.  I was being told that my spiritual experiences were nothing but an overactive imagination, and attention-seeking behavior.

So naturally, that little child hid away her spirituality, her insights, and her experiences until many years later. It was when I was in an interview with Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat Pray Love fame, that I had an epiphany of sorts. I related to so much of what Elizabeth was saying in that interview. Later when I expressed these thoughts over dinner to a couple of friends, they told me that I had to go out and teach what I knew; that others needed the spiritual insight that I had!

Helping others on their spiritual journey.

People call me, they write to me and they call into my radio show. They reach out to know more about my journey and to ask for help with their own. They tell me about the vivid dreams they’ve been having. They tell me about unusual experiences that seem to hold a message. They tell me about something inside that is searching, seeking, looking for meaning; something more in life. Often they have doubts and they feel as though they are unworthy, that their brilliance is somehow fake. It is my job to help interpret those spiritual experiences and to help them step out into the light. I want you to know your own worth. Tap into your creativity and feel that you deserve to live your best life. You deserve the gifts that the universe is trying to give you! Join me in this episode to know how spirituality changed my life – and can change yours too.

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