How Rituals Raise Your Vibration

When we hear the word ‘ritual’ the concept of religious rituals may come to mind – the Sacrament or the Confession, or Hindu rituals such as the ‘aarti’ (a prayer ritual) or the ‘havan’ (sacred fire ritual). But rituals are not just religious processes. Did you know that we all perform rituals all the time, each day of our lives? When I speak more about what rituals actually are, and what their function in our lives is, you will go Aha! You’re going to be amazed at how much we depend upon rituals and how rituals can help us achieve what we set out to achieve.

Rituals are a part of life, part of each day.

I don’t mean to be morbid, but do you ever wonder about funeral rituals: the eulogy, the wake, the actual burial, the laying of a headstone, so on and so forth? Different cultures have different rituals but every culture does seem to have some or other rituals performed after death – some simple, some quite elaborate. At a time when one is shocked and in terrible grief, these rituals tell us what to do, how to behave. The rituals give us closure and they fill up a terrible time with some activity. Rituals demand the presence of other people, friends and family. The presence of loved ones offers comfort and support at a difficult time.

And now think of the rituals you may have created for yourself in your life: getting ready for a first date, preparing to go on stage for a performance or public speaking… even locking up your home before you leave for work in the morning. There would be a series of steps that you will perform each time you are in a given situation. If you really think about it, you will be startled at all the ways rituals help us. Rituals comfort us, they give us a sense of purpose, reduce anxiety, and give us the confidence to do our best. Think of the rituals that some sportspersons perform before a game – it may seem like superstition to us, but for the player, this may mean increased focus and better performance. Studies have shown that rituals can positively impact feelings, thoughts, and behaviors.

Create your own rituals for success.

I believe in the efficacy of rituals. From personal experience, I know that creating the right rituals can actually help you succeed. For instance, I have certain morning rituals that help me get in the right frame of mind each morning, which help me get into the zone. There is my early morning gratitude ritual where I ask the almighty how best I can serve divinity. Yoga is a part of my morning ritual – it helps my mind, body, and spirit all connect with each other. These rituals help me connect with my inner self, making me more focused – hence more productive. I have found that my rituals help me get through problems and crises, and I have developed my own winning rituals that help me live my own best life. Check out my video about winning rituals to know more.

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