How Polar Opposites can Change Your Life

What is the number one thing you want to change about your life? Don’t let any one source claim to you that there is only one way to start making changes in your life. They just want you to try their way, and maybe it’ll work for you and maybe it won’t! Making life changes is a very personal endeavor, and what works for us can be as individual as we are ourselves. The truth is that there are many different ways to begin making positive change, and it is up to us to try many different tools and keep what we like, and leave the rest behind. We must continue exploring until we discover our own secret formula. What’s most important is that you keep trying new things, and you stick with them long enough to find out if they are working! Any efforts you make to better your life, even the smallest of consistent efforts, will build and build.

In this week’s episode, I give you two amazing places to start. As you probably know by now, my exercises and techniques are created for tone able to begin immediately, so you can start creating new possibilities without any more hesitation. They are the simplest, and most effective two actions that anyone can start implementing now to start feeling better, and moving forward fast! So what are these two things? They are: Getting outside of yourself, and practicing meditation. It’s funny because in a way they are polar opposites. One requires you to put all your focus on someone else by being of service to them in some way. The other requires you to get still and go deep within yourself to reveal new perspectives on old situations. How do these two things work to start creating positive evolution in your life? Well, watch the episode, and I will give you a couple of amazing examples, and I explain some of the science behind each of the two ways.

If you struggle with self-starting, or you thrive in more of a group setting, or even if you just prefer to have some guidance while you are trying something new, you can always sign-up for The 7-Day Reset to Find Your Inner Peace. The 7-Day Reset is a wonderful program that I’ve created to take daily baby steps steadily toward achieving a deeper and more accessible knowledge of your most peaceful and most prosperous self. The 7 Day Reset to Find Your Inner Peace is just one thing you can use to fast-track your evolution. Is it the only way for you to make changes for the better? No! Every bit of effort we make to build our whole selves toward Spirit, will have great gifts, and also great lessons that further us along in life. These are just the things that have worked for me and thousands of my clients.

Watch today’s episode to gain more information, and add these tools to your toolbox for building yourself up, creating yourself a life you love. And please let me know how they work for you, and also don’t forget to share what other tools you have that maybe I haven’t mentioned! You are a member of the Soul Manifesto community now, where sharing our experiences help each other grow, and reminds us that we are not alone. To get more information about the 7 Day Reset to Find Your Inner Peace, click here. We’d love for you to join us on a 7 Day Reset journey. It is so refreshing and renewing. You’re going to love it. Watch today’s episode to find out two simple techniques for bettering your life fast, and then sign up to add the 7 Day Reset for Finding Your Inner Peace to your wellness toolbox. You’re going to be unstoppable! Namaste

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