How Many Soulmates Do We Have?

Hello Everyone! Welcome, I’m so glad you’re here. Today’s topic is something that EVERYONE asks themselves in some form, or at some point in their lives. What is my soul’s purpose? Why am I here? What is the meaning of life? What am I on this Earth to do?

Listen to this: Researchers for Harvard School of Public Health collected data from a group of American adults over the age of 50, once in 2006 and then they circled back to the same group again in 2010. From this study, they determined that adults with a higher sense of purpose have decreased risk of disability, stroke, heart disease, sleep issues…SO many things that ultimately impact a person’s longevity. Amazing right? So having a sense of purpose isn’t just all in our heads, right? The mindset of living a meaningful life actually creates MORE life. More health. Isn’t that just incredible? And if you open up a little further isn’t it just a wonderful example of the healing power of love.

Okay, so this question—What is My Soul’s Purpose?—it sounds so deep, doesn’t it? So existential. It’s kinda funny. And I think that some people find it almost intimidating. We’re too hard on ourselves about what we haven’t done, and we don’t give ourselves enough credit for what we HAVE accomplished, you know? So when we ask this question of ourselves, it can almost seem to imply that we’ve been living our lives wrong—as if we haven’t been living our soul’s purpose thus far, and we are now overdue to begin. It can be received as self-criticism, you know what I mean? But the truth is, you ARE living your soul’s purpose, just by asking yourself this question because our soul’s purpose is simply to be a spiritual being having a human experience. You are here to ask questions, seek answers, fall in love, fall out of love, try new things, feel joy, and peace, and pain, and in the simplest terms: We are here to learn, we are here to love, and we are here to grow.

In the book, Soulmates: Honoring the Mystery of Love and Relationship by the amazing Thomas Moore—we find a definition of a soulmate that may surprise you! Most people hear the term Soulmate, and they imagine it means finding someone who is perfect for you—someone who is ideal for spending the rest of your life with. But in fact, that is the definition of a life partner.

A life partner is someone who blends sweetly and almost seamlessly into your lifestyle. A person who compliments your personality, and helps you feel safe, and comforted, and supported while facing the challenges of life together. Being in the presence of a life partner helps us let go, relax, and unwind.

But a soulmate is more like a twin flame! It can warm you, but it can also burn! A soulmate is an influence in your life that is more likely to keep you on your toes! A soulmate encourages you to grow, inspires you to keep moving forward, keep trying harder, pushes you toward your goals, and helps you identify things about yourself that are working against you so that you can break free and find enlightenment at a spiritual level. A soulmate pushes us to try new things, exposes us to ideas and new experiences that invigorate us, and awaken our self-awareness, and they can even force us to re-evaluate old beliefs that no longer serve us. They challenge us to get out of our comfort zones, and being in the presence of a Soulmate is exciting, creative, and it can also be rather difficult at times.

You also may be surprised to learn that a life partner and a soulmate are often not the same people, and sometimes our soulmates aren’t all here on earth. Earth-bound partnerships with our human Soulmates don’t always last a lifetime because constantly being challenged to grow can be overwhelming and exhausting, and as human beings, we are prone to clash, get defensive, and become argumentative when we become exhausted or overwhelmed, right?

Actually, I want to dispel another myth about Soulmates for you too: The idea that we only have one. We have MANY, okay? Some are here on earth and others exist in their spiritual form. And when seeking a life filled with a strong sense of purpose, we can even be our own Soulmate! We can even be our BEST soulmate.

Watch the full episode to learn more about how being your own best soulmate will help you become a powerful magnet for attracting more fulfilling relationships in your life!

Thank you so much for joining me today. It gives me such a beautiful sense of purpose to have the opportunity to share these things with you, so be sure to join me for the 7-Day Reset! I’m going to create an exclusive link at the end of the full episode and you don’t miss out. And as always, my friends, remember that Love is Spirit, and Spirit is Love. Namaste.

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