How Gratitude Connects You

When I am able to help people with problems in their lives and guide them to live their fullest, best life, I encounter a lot of gratitude. But do you know, I also give a lot of gratitude – not just because I am humbled by the gratitude I receive, but also because giving gratitude is a valuable ritual in my life, a ritual that brings me peace and happiness. My clients really identify with the concept of gratitude when I explain its value to them, and I think you will too.

How I learned to be grateful.

Let me tell you how I learned about gratitude from Bob Proctor, the man I think of as one of my main mentors. There was a time when I was organizing an event and everything seemed to be spiraling out of control. Things were not going as per plan, I was in a bad place, and for a while there it looked as though I would lose money on this. When I spoke with him, Bob asked me this: Alena, are you doing your gratitudes? At the time, I was almost in tears. When everything seemed to be going wrong, what was I supposed to be grateful for? It seemed contrary and upside down, but wait till you hear how it turned out for me.

But Bob was very clear about giving gratitude, about how gratitude is life-altering. You know what, he was so right. So there I was driving down the road and giving gratitude. This is when it hit me – the solution to the problem I found myself in. This was the point when I was reminded of the incredible power of gratitude.

The three reasons to give gratitude.

I have spoken before about the importance of creating winning rituals in life, and I have also spoken about how happiness is a decision we make. So now, giving gratitude is one of the essential rituals of my life – a ritual that invariably brings me happiness and peace and tranquility. It could be meditation, it could be intoning a mantra, or just saying Thank You to a higher power – whatever works for you. It could be for something as simple as finding my misplaced glasses. I constantly look for and find reasons to be grateful and give thanks.

Gratitude becomes the means with which we connect to something higher than ourselves. You will find, as I find, that there are three ways in which gratitude creates positive impacts. Firstly, gratitude helps us raise our vibrations. Secondly, gratitude helps us see and acknowledge all our blessings, all the good that we tend to overlook in life. Thirdly, it makes us happy – happiness being the most essential of things in life.

I think you will love how gratitude can change your life. You will find that gratitude attracts happiness – so much so that happiness becomes a habit and you will no longer settle for anything less. Watch my video to know more about the importance of giving gratitude, and how you can create a gratitude ritual for yourself to attract positivity and happiness into your life.

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