Healthy Boundaries Free You

If you allow your healthy boundaries to take care of you, you will lower your stress. And stress is a very serious health issue, mental health issue, and relationship health issue. Healthy boundaries are there to take care of you. So ask yourself, “Are there boundaries you need to set to take care of yourself, to treat yourself well, to find times of rest, times of creativity, times of renewal, times of productivity?” 

All of you are in the ups and downs of your own life’s journey and your path is being drawn by the boundaries you set. Your life’s journey is being designed by what you say yes to and what you say no to

Unhealthy and healthy boundaries

There was a time when I was very much a conformist. I conformed to the expectations that others had of me – first as a good daughter and then as a wife and mother. I did what all the ‘good girls’ were supposed to and stayed within the boundaries that the community had created for me. I was doing much the same as other moms with kids in the same schools and the social clubs were doing. However, I felt disconnected from this reality. This reality did not feel authentic to me. My spiritual awakening told me that my dreams were different, they were more!

So why was I doing what I was doing? Turns out, it was fear. I was afraid of being judged, of losing my friends, my position in society. I was afraid of loneliness. But then a really good friend told me something really transformational. “You won’t be alone,” she said, “you’ll be with the real you for the first time.” This, to me, was a moment of truth. “This will feel less lonely than faking it all the time,” she said. Right then, I started to see things a lot more clearly!

Are you a lone tourist inside your own life?

That is what it felt like to me when I was trying to live the life that others, that society and culture had predefined for me. I didn’t fit in and I didn’t belong. There was this sense of heaviness; the burden of trying to be someone I wasn’t. My spiritual awakening was a tough journey – but it was my own journey. It was authentic to me, and in the end, I found not only my own authentic self but for others that supported and loved me for who I really was – and am.

The reason we all have to create healthy boundaries is that they help us to consciously and compassionately create the lives we want for ourselves. You are no longer penned in and limited by the expectations that others have of you. You can let your spirit soar. There may be changes in you that may upset the people around you, but that is OK. Either they get on board with your new authentic self or they may fade out of your life, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Remember, being surrounded by people who don’t respect your boundaries can be a lonely life, and more importantly, it is a life that is inauthentic to you. What healthy boundaries should you set for yourself? What are the boundaries that feel right and healthy for you? Watch my video to know how to take the first step towards discovering your authentic self.

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