Heal Like You Were Never Hurt

Do you think you need to heal? Do you believe that you’re living your best life now, or do you think there is much more love and happiness and success in store for you? Now go back to that first question. Now, do you feel that there is some healing process that you still need to undergo, to really make peace with your past to reach your full potential in life? Find out more here.

Why healing is vital.

One of the things that I often work on with my clients and others who take part in my workshops is the alignment of chakras. Working through the chakras is what helps us truly connect with the soul, that higher self or divine spirit – call it what you will. There is a lot that holds us back from reaching our true potential in life, that prevents us from being as happy and successful and accomplished as we could have been.

There could have been unpleasant or traumatic experiences. Toxic people could have held us back. There could even have been certain dogmas and false beliefs that we bought into, which held us down and kept us trapped in a sense. Not only does this prevent one from progressing and growing, it prevents one from seeing clearly. It obfuscates reality. The healing I speak of comes in the form of freedom. It happens when you break away from the things that trouble and depress, and when you can move ahead to take an objective view of it all.

Forgiveness is vital for genuine healing.

For this to happen, one has to let go of one’s past – the bad experiences, the toxic people, the self-limiting beliefs, the dogma, everything. It is vital not to think of oneself as a victim. The victim mindset never did anyone any good. It only served to keep one wallowing in the same misery and sense of grievance. So, as Paul Coelho said so memorably, you have to stop looking for happiness in the same place you lost it. You have to gain some perspective from a distance, rather like having an out-of-body experience, as though you were looking down upon yourself and your circumstances objectively from above. This helps you understand why you did or said something and how that possibly impacted what happened after. There is wisdom there. There is valuable insight and lessons to be learned.

I speak in more detail about the healing and how you can learn to enjoy that journey in this episode. Listen in for a little inspiration and to partake of a little everyday wisdom. 

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