From Sacrifice to Abundance

Ten Things to Stop Doing To Become Successful. Five Things to Give Up If You Want To Be Thin. Eight Things Wealthy People Just Don’t Do. Four Things To Give Up If You Want To Be Living Life In Abundance. Heard this before? Some things you have to give up to gain something else? Does it always have to be like this? Do we really have to choose between things we want, give up some to gain others? Is sacrifice inevitable if we want to pursue our goals? The answer is not a simple yes or no. Let me explain… 

Living life in abundance is not a zero sum game.

It could seem as though you’re losing out on something when you’re working towards a lofty goal. Say you’re setting up a new business that is taking up a lot of time and you’re not getting to see as much of the family as you want. You’re working on your fitness and you’ve committed to it so maybe you’re finding less Netflix time? Or maybe you’ve decided to go back to school – because you have the urge to learn or because you want to add new professional qualifications to your profile.

Suddenly you find that there just seem to be fewer hours in the day and suddenly there is less leisure time now. So yes, it can seem as though you have to sacrifice a lot to gain something. However, if you look at it from another angle, things look quite different.  Are you really making a sacrifice? Or are you creating new possibilities in your life? Are you not using now to create a better tomorrow? If there is a little less time for leisure or for unwinding or for family outings right now, is it really a sacrifice?

It’s not a sacrifice if you really want to do it.

This really is the secret of living life in abundance. When you truly enjoy and value what you’re doing, you become your own best soulmate. Then, those sacrifices aren’t sacrifices anymore. They are just the stepping stones to your dreams and your goals. At some point, when you’re working towards your own greater future, the present moment becomes your gift to yourself – for tomorrow. Record-breaking American long-distance runner Steve Prefontaine explained this concept of sacrifice really well, as I explain in my latest episode.

To enable yourself to invite abundance into your life, shift your focus a little bit. Live more fully in the present moment – the creative process, the new experience, the joy of solving a problem, making incremental gains. Let all of these bring you joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment – not the regret of a sacrifice!

In all of this, the people around can make you question your choices. And here’s where your loved ones can really make a difference. Getting friends and family on board is vital to this whole exercise of inviting abundance into your life. Co-op the loving support and understanding of your loved ones at this point – they are going to be a vital cog in the wheel of your progress.

With a simple shift in focus, you will find living life in abundance is easier and more achievable. Don’t miss my video this week!

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