Find Your Soul Mate Affirmations

Are you ready to find your Soulmate? Affirmations are such a simple and gentle way to activate the Law of Attraction. In today’s full-length episode, I am leading a meditative affirmation journey, and I would love for you to come along. You have the option to repeat each affirmation aloud if you like, or you can just close your eyes and reflect on each affirmation. Here is a sample of how the journey begins:

I trust the Universe is looking out for my higher good.

All is well with me.

One day at a time, one step at a time.

I am in harmony and balance with my life.

Releasing stress is easy for me.

I choose to feel peaceful and loved.

I am a good person who deserves happiness, health, and Love.

I love Myself.

My Soul Mate is me. I am found in all the good that I put in the world.

My needs matter and I meet them.

I love the way I learn more about life each day.

I love the way I am growing.

I love that I am a seeker.

I love that I want more for myself.

I love that I attract loving people around me.

Please watch the full episode to have the entire experience, and use this healing practice as a simple way to align your daily mindset with manifesting the things you want most in life. Namaste

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