The 2 Greatest Lessons About Fear

Are you tired of feeling afraid that the worst case scenario is waiting for you around every corner? What is fear, really? Do we even need it? When I ask my clients this question, the answer is often, “Yes! Of course!” They justify their fear by giving me examples. “What about fire? We need to have a fear of fire. Fire is dangerous.” Or “What about traffic? Without a fear of traffic we could get run over.” Do we really have a fear fire? Or traffic? And is having this fear what prevents us from catastrophe?

No, we don’t fear fire, and that fear isn’t what protects us from getting burned. We respect fire, and that’s what allows us to light a beautiful roaring fire in our fireplace to keep us warm in winter. We respect traffic, and that’s what keeps us safe when we are driving, or crossing the street on foot. Our fear does nothing, but rob us from peace in the present moment. So what do we do with fear, now that we know that we are the ones responsible for feeding it and allowing it to disrupt our daily flow? If it was easy to just drop it, we probably wouldn’t have picked it up in the first place.

Meditation is a wonderful way to remove fear from our hearts, and I have a video with an amazing 2 minute practice that is great for beginners, and it’s great to use for combating fear because it’s fast-acting and you can do it anywhere. That video is called Meditation for Beginners, but really it is good for anyone who needs a quick return to center.

What THIS episode is for, is getting to know our fear a little better by learning two of the greatest lessons about fear. When we understand a bit more about fear, we don’t need to make it so important anymore. We will see it for what it is: an unnecessary energy suck.

The first greatest lesson ever to be learned about fear was discovered by Dr. Emoto from Japan. Do you realize that our bodies are over 70% water? This was Dr. Emoto’s focus when he began taking microscopic pictures of water crystallization. His question was this, “How does the quality of our energy, our emotions, affect the composition of water? Now this is really fascinating.

Dr. Emoto assigned different emotions to different glass containers of water. One was labeled love, another hate, another gratitude, and another jealousy. Then he put them all away for two days. This sounds a little crazy right? Well, it’s about to get even more crazy! When Dr. Emoto took these containers and analyzed and photographed them under a microscope, the differences were breathtaking. Love and gratitude form these gorgeous crystalline patterns that are all connected in a gorgeous array. They look like glass snowflakes. The hate and jealousy was ragged, separate, full of holes, and even a bit dingy in appearance. Like an old tattered dish rag…Incredible.

Now, take a deep breath, and consider what your thoughts are doing to the 70% of water that makes up your own precious body. Your organs, your skin, your health…That’s just the first of the two greatest lessons about fear. Watch the episode for the second lesson, and even more information to move you forward in love, gratitude, and respect.

When I first learned about this incredible study, I immediately closed my eyes and said to myself, “I love you, Alena. I love you.” I love you, too and I’m so grateful you are here to share these lessons. Always remember, Spirit is love, not fear. And love, my Dear, is Spirit. Namaste

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