Emotional Health Check Time

Did you realize that our emotional state, something that is happening within our minds, affects every cell in our body?

Here’s something INCREDIBLE that I learned during one of my Magical Moments podcast interviews: I was speaking with Dr. Vargas, an expert in his field, and he revealed that science has proven that every cell in your body emits its own light.


Well, actually, it’s energy. And the quality of that energy determines how well that cell is cooperating with your body and also it determines the brightness of the light it emits. When we are carrying with us the weight of sadness, grief, anger, stress, and depression over long periods of time, our systems become flooded by stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. Continuous exposure to these chemicals is very bad for our digestive system, our cardiovascular system, our adrenal system…you name it!

Over time, people who are living in these continued states of stress, unhappiness, and dissatisfaction, are shockingly more at risk for developing certain cancers and other illnesses. Here’s what really makes me think: When we’ve carried around and old hurt, anger or disappointment for a long duration of time, the light in each of our individual cells becomes dimmer, and the cell can’t operate as optimally as your body needs it to function.

Can you imagine that? The anger, and pain, and resentments we harbor inside of our minds can gradually erode the body’s ability to be physically healthy. And what about our mental health?

Carrying unhappy feelings around in your heart and mind can actually begin to distort your perceptions! We begin to see the world in an unloving and uncaring light that can keep us from enjoying our relationships and creating meaningful bonds with other people.

I had a friend who came to me, so angry at her husband because he was always cheating on her. She told me at length about how agonizing it was for her to stay in her marriage knowing that her husband is running around behind her back and lying to her about it. Now, I’ve known this couple for a while, and it just really seemed so out of character for her husband to cheat on her, but she was CONVINCED he wasn’t just cheating, but he was cheating A LOT!

So I asked her, “How did you find out he was cheating on you?” And she says, “I just have a feeling…” At this point, I’m surprised because she’d been talking about it like she knew was true for a fact. It turns out she only thought he was cheating on her because of the feelings she was keeping bottled up inside.

She was acting out of anger and pain that she witnessed her mom suffer from boyfriends that had cheated on her mom when she was a child. Her suspicions and anger weren’t even from her own personal experience! It was the result of resentments she’d kept with her over the years that had distorted her perception of men in general.

What she DID eventually discover was that he hadn’t been cheating on her at all. And in the past several months she had been cold, and distant, and accusatory toward the person she loved the most over something that had nothing to do with him. Isn’t it interesting what our minds can do to the way we feel about the world, in an attempt to protect us from threats that no longer exist?

It’s time for us to take the steps, the needed steps to start to heal our souls. It’s time for us to break out of all that distortion in perception. Because when you break out, you can finally breathe. It feels so good. You feel free. You feel free chains come off your heart and off your soul. You find that the body starts working better. You find that prayers are easier, and the connection is easier. And you find that your thoughts feel good. Isn’t that cool? You might even start doing something new, a new hobby, a new sport, a new career…You don’t know. We never know. We owe it to ourselves to do an emotional health check. We owe it to ourselves, to value ourselves enough to say, “Wait a minute, do I really need to hold on to this? What’s the higher lesson of this? What can I let go of? Maybe it’s just time to forgive…”

Let it go. If you need help with this, I do some one-on-ones and I can help you with that. But I only take one-on-ones that really want to try. And then on top of that, we have Hello Soul, we have Inevitable U— check them out! We are here to help you. That’s what Soul Manifesto is all about. It’s really helping you to live a life of total ease, happiness, freedom, and connection with spirit and your soul. That’s it. Remember, Spirit is love. And when we open up to that love—which is just as powerful as any anger, then we are living the spirit. I love you all. Namaste, everyone.

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