Do Yourself This Favor

Do you have a sacred space

A sacred space is an actual corner or special area in your living space that you claim for all your own. You can fill it with pillows, blankets, candles, pictures, affirmations…whatever brings you peace, makes you smile, makes you feel safe.

I call my sacred space, My Cinderella Room because when I was a little girl I loved the Cinderella musical. When my kids were little, they would want to come in and I would let them, of course—But there were rules! The first rule was that they couldn’t take anything out of my sacred space, but every other rule for entering my sacred space wasn’t just for my kids, they were for me too. 

Rule #1: No Worry, Doubt or Fear Shall Enter Here

Once you’ve physically created your sacred space, it is your thoughts, actions, and intentions that give this space its special power. For a long time, before I would step into my sacred space, I would say aloud, “No worry, doubt, or fear shall enter here.” And I would visualize myself moving all of that internal commotion aside, and setting it up on a shelf. It’s sometimes easier to let something go for a while when you know it’s right there waiting for you when you’re ready to pick it back up. But it has no place in your sacred space. 

Rule #2: No Beating Myself Up

Your sacred space is for quiet, loving reflection that is free from judgment on some days, and a place where your creativity can bloom, and your spirit can rejoice on other days. It’s all about checking in with Spirit, and giving yourself whatever you need at the moment. If you have a particularly loud inner critic, as I did in the beginning, you may find that you can only be able to give yourself that loving grace and judgment-free perspective in bursts, and that’s okay and that’s enough. Stick with it! I’m telling you from experience, with practice your mind will become trained to silence your inner critic whenever you enter your sacred space, and it will get easier. For now, be gentle with yourself, and try to have a sense of humor about it. You are not alone. That inner critic is going to keep sticking their head through the door until you teach it that you’re simply not going to listen to it when you are in your sacred space. I taught my inner critic to respect my sacred space by clapping my hands together loudly and saying “No,” as soon as I caught myself going back into those stale and painful narratives. It’s just a technique for training the brain. You visualize your inner critic leaving you alone. And if you have to clap again, so be it! Some days you may have to clap more than others…but it’s SO worth it to get to the days where you don’t have to clap at all. 

I have SO MUCH more for you about building your sacred space, as well as some really special techniques for clearing your space of negative energy, so watch the episode now!

You’ll enjoy creating your own sacred space! It’s fun! And you’ll love what it has to offer you. Join me for today’s episode to learn more. Thank you for being you, and for being here with me. You can email me directly through if you need any extra help with these tools and techniques, and I’d love to hear from you. Namaste

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