Discovering the Divine: A Guide to Earth's Most Mystical and Spiritual Places

As children, we all had huge dreams of traveling to far-off lands and having wonderful adventures. Places like Disneyland or England where they all talk fancy. Or the more imaginative kids that wanted to dance with fairies in Ireland, walk in the footsteps of the Scottish highlanders, and visit the castles that withstood siege after siege. As adults, not many take the chance to experience these things. It’s the fanciful dreams of an adolescent mind. But what if it wasn’t? What if there were places that are saturated in divinity? Places that once you step in make you feel like you’re immersed in magic and wonder. Places here on our very lands where the air radiates power, give one a sense of standing where hundreds/thousands of others have been and knowing that this is a place of enactment. A scene of spiritual completeness where the air is filled with knowledge. The very areas that our myths, legends, and histories are written and passed down from. Let me take you to some of Earth’s most mystical and spiritual locations.

Easter Island, Chile is also known as Rapa Nui to the locals. This island is the most secluded island that is inhabitable, started hundreds of years ago by a Polynesian chief. Unfortunately by the year 1877, the population had dwindled from many to only 111. The magical part though is the nearly 1,000 Moai that stand along the coast with their backs to the sea to protect those that live on the island. These statues are believed to represent the spirits of the ancestors. Each one is 13 feet tall, nearly 14 tons, and over 500 years old. Just imagine the power and protection they radiate when standing in their presence. These monoliths show a part of history that is still a mystery, but even without all the details the amount of love, belief, strength, and power these people put into the building of their protection for their homes is absolutely unfathomable. The very idea of being able to experience just a tiny piece of this spiritual history is amazing.

Mt. Parnassus, Greece, is one of the largest mountain ranges in Greece. Not only does it provide wonderful landscapes and beautiful views, but it also boasts several ancient and mythical beliefs. This mountain range is known as the home of poetry, music, and learning which makes sense because it was once the home of the Muses. Also, Mt. Parnassus is the location for the fountain Castalia which was a source of inspiration for the Muses. Castalia was the nymph, daughter of the River god Achelous who fled from the pursuing Apollo and jumped into the spring and drowned thus turning into the fountain. Definitely a place full of mystical beliefs.

Machu Picchu, Peru, is known as one of the world’s most spiritual places. A sacred place built by the Incas in the 15th century, a place where they worshiped their gods especially Inti the sun god. Many of the structures were built high and in such ways that the sun's rays would flow through the area, giving energy to all that lay below. They believed that it was only by the grace of Inti that allowed the ground to be nourished and that all of their harvests were either cursed or blessed by the god. Many believe that Machu Picchu is a vortex, a vortex is a sacred place where energy flows into the earth or out of the earth. This site was built on spiritual conviction and in honor of those the Inca held sacred and powerful. How could one not feel this when visiting such a wondrous destination?

These are merely three of Earth’s most mystical and spiritual places, there are so many more. Our world is full of sites that are built on the beliefs and customs of many cultures, each one holding power and mystery of its own. Visiting these gives you a chance to experience the mystical and spiritual energies of those long gone. The energy that built our stories, our legends, and our very history. Maybe it’s time we all experience a little of that magic and spirit. Time to get out of our phones and feel the power that lives in our world. 

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