Discover Your Soul's True Purpose

Hi friends. We’re well into the second half of the year now. Let me ask you this, are you still going steady with your new year’s resolution? My intention for 2021 was to widen my wings and reach out to as many people as I could. Help as many souls seeking guidance as I could. And because my “resolution” was really not a resolve to do one thing, but an intention to align with my soul’s purpose, I’ve been having so much fun with it. Putting up these videos for you, 2 new videos every week on YouTube, I’ve launched the Inevitable U program, I’ve been putting up free courses on Soul Manifesto that anyone can join us and move forward in their spiritual journey.  

What is your soul’s true purpose?

What are we meant to do on Earth? What is the purpose that we were put here for? These are questions that have been asked through the ages but I find that the answers are not all that complicated. A lot of my clients remark upon how I tend to be joyful and full of energy much of the time, and they ask me – do I have all the answers? No, I don’t. No one has all the answers. However, I do have an idea about why I was put on this Earth and I do have some idea about the real purpose of my soul.

So what does it feel like – to discover your soul’s true purpose, they ask me. To me, it feels not just meaningful and fulfilling but also fun, playful, energizing! It is a little like giggling with the Universe; because just being alive is a joy. Once you’ve figured out what your real purpose in life is, you find that you’re able to really appreciate the beauty and the goodness in the world. And you’re able to appreciate the amazing talents and abilities of you!

Immediate goals versus life’s larger purpose.

Did you know that only 8% of people who make New Year resolutions manage to stick to them? Does that mean that 92% of people are weak-willed? Of course not! The thing is that those resolutions tend to be just temporary aims. For instance, we may resolve to lose weight,  get a promotion, make more money, or travel to X country. These resolutions may be based on what others expect of us. They may be based not on what you really want, but based on what you think you should want for yourself. When we fail to achieve goals that may actually be misguided to begin with, our self-confidence and faith in our own abilities takes a beating.

So how can you discover your soul’s true purpose? One of the things that we all have to do is to unlearn the need to please others; meet the needs and expectations of others. We have to be able to really look within and identify what gives us joy and contentment; what brings us peace and fulfillment. Remember, if you’re not excited about it, it’s not your soul’s purpose! If there is irritation, friction, and unease, it is not for you – it really is that simple!

Know more about how to discover your soul’s true purpose by checking out this episode. Your soul is actually guiding you, it’s giving you signs and speaking to you – all you have to do is learn to listen.

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