Discover Your Soul's True Calling

Do you know why New Year’s resolutions don’t work? Wonder why only 8% of people who set out for a goal end up achieving it? It’s probably because the goal was less of something you really want, and more a reason to please someone. When your goals are aligned with your soul’s true calling, the path becomes inviting, and the journey feels effortless and joyful. 

What are you meant to do here on Earth?

This may be a question as old as time, but it is still one that we’re all trying to answer. Even my hairdresser wants to know, especially now during the pandemic when we’ve been questioning and reexamining all the things we took for granted. This is a time when we’re realizing that the universe is sending us messages. To decipher those messages is to discover your soul’s calling!

I’ve been receiving these messages since childhood when my strange longings, my conversations with the Spirit, and my vivid dreams marked me out as ‘different’.  At the time, my mother was at a loss to understand. To be honest it took me years before I could really decode what it all meant. Now I know that the communing with nature, the way animals seemed to hover close and even follow me around… all these were a portent of things to come. Even then, my soul was connecting with these creatures and the Earth around me in an elemental way that felt natural, loving, and accepting.

The reason that so many want to understand their true purpose in life now during the pandemic is perhaps that we’ve been reminded of our own mortality rather forcefully. This is perhaps why so many people I meet seem to be on the cusp of a transformation. They seem to be seeking; searching for ways to rise above the mundane and to seek that higher destiny. The answers may be more forthcoming when you ask yourself a few questions.

Discover your soul’s calling.

The answers to some of these questions are going to bring you closer to discovering your real purpose, your true calling here on Earth. Where do you find joy and whom do you admire? What worked for you then, but doesn’t now? Are there unfulfilled desires and recurrent dreams? What truly moves you? What special insight do you have that you can share with others? Do you see certain patterns in your life that could be indicative?

And there are patterns all around us – if we would just look. That friend who always seems to choose the wrong guys to date. Some people seem to make the same poor choices repeatedly. Those of us who are happiest when out in nature. Those of us who are always the agony aunts – the ones that people turn to for advice. Those of us who are always the people pleasers…these are personalities, patterns, and behaviors we see repeatedly all around us, time after time. Even occurrences, such as when you meet someone after years or come across a life-changing book by chance — all of these are actually clues from the Universe.

Learn to interpret those patterns and the signs that the Universe sends. Join me in this episode where I explain how.

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